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Aching Head
Woke up with the biggest fuck-off migraine ever. It wasn't nice. Oh well, nowt I can do about it, really... Anyway, last night was fun - not. Everybody sat around eating pot-cake (which I think they made wrong anyway), and it did not taste nice. A few spoons of the stuff, then I gave up and just gave it to the others - ugh... James also gave up on eating it, and I think Ebs only had half of his. Consequently, we were OK, while everybody else was acting kinda funny...

I got a phone call earlier, on my room phone - it was quite a shock - I heard it ring, and had to check a couple of times that the noise was actually coming from the phone. Since I reorganised my room (picture will come soon, once I put it all into 3DSMax), I plugged my phone in, and lo - a call. But it was a wrong number. Grrr.

So, what else is going on... Well, I was meant to go into Brighton today to look around guitar shops, but I've not done that. Not that I'm too bothered... I'll do it some other time, it's not like I'm planning to buy it just yet, so...

Now to digress. Fight Club. Yay. Watched it again last night, woohoo... I can now pretty much see how it works at every single point, which is good. Now I can finally watch it without feeling the need to analyze every little second. It's such a good movie... And my opinion of Brad Pitt has gone up very much - any actor who can deliver the lines "One can make all kinds of explosives, from simple household items ... if one were so inclined" and "Did you know that urine is sterile? You can drink it" as well as he does deserves my undying admiration. Ed Norton was already on my list of "Good actors" after watching The People Versus Larry Flint - quality movie... However, being able to deliver the following lines about working for the Compliance and Liability dept. in the car firm he works for made him even higher on my list:
Narrator: Take the number of cars in the field, A. Multiply by the probability of failure B. Multiply that by the average out of court settlement C. A, times B, times C, equals X. And if X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.
Woman: Do these sorts of accidents happen a lot?
Narrator: Oh, you wouldn't believe...
Woman: Which car firm do you work for?
Narrator: A major one.

Ahh... Gotta love that... Anyhow, so, what else is new. Well, again, nothing much. The mean buggers in my flat have stolen Monkey Island 4. I got it in the post, but never even saw the box it came in - one of them has pinched it, and won't give it me until my birthday. This is, of course, in accordance with what I want (or at least what one aspect of me wants). However, I could at least do with knowing which one has it, so I know that it's safe and all... Oh well.

Anyway, the current plan of action is "Sit in the computer labs, being useless". So far, I'm doing it quite well :o)


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