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Spent most of the day involved with Melissa's 18th birthday presents. They're all ready now, with a single, simple exception. I'll go shopping for the last bit sometime this week, which'll be easy enough :o)

Yay, only three non-Melissa days after today as well. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then I see her again on Friday, and get to stay with her until Sunday. Yay! :o)

Must calm down :o)

Anyhow, so yeah, this next week at work should be fun anyway - finishing off my database stuff, which is currently all going well. So the time should hopefully fly by :o)

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Good lord your only twenty! I may now stop lusting over you... although to be honest I never really lusted just thought you were a devilishly handsome computer boy (a rare combo - computer girls often hot computer boys often not), but better yet from England (adding that whole international man of mystery thing woman find so compelling - do tell do all english men go around saying 'Yeah baby, yeah!').
Anyway though, just thought I'd express my shock at your age, you seem older in your journal.

Hahah x a million


although to be honest I never really lusted just thought you were a devilishly handsome computer boy

I think he is even hotter in real life (believe it or not :) )

Happy 18th Melissa!
I'm really sorry if I've inflated your boyfriends ego to dangerous levels, thats the curse of the internet you can tell people point blank that they're 'devilishly handsome' and not deal with the consequences (strutting, egotism, hours spent worshiping mirrors). Its only later that one realizes, only too late, that others must deal with the attack of the fifty foot ego. So do be sure not to let his head get too big, and have fun this week-end b-day girl!
P.S. I really must know do English boys say, "Yeah baby! Yeah!" or did people even find Austin Powers funny at all since that is how everyone talks anyway?

hours spent worshiping mirrors

I don't worship the mirror - I worship the "devilishly handsome computer boy" that I see in it ;o)


And I can't remember the last time I said "Yeah baby! Yeah!", sorry... Austin Powers is, in that respect, slightly off the mark :o)

hehe, its okay :) He isn't big headed or anything really...

Thanks for the birthday wishes too :)

English boys DO say "yeah baby yeah", but only to take off Austin Powers... that's the only reason... so I guess the proper answer to that would have to be no.

Fibber! I am the most big headed person in the world - nobody is as good at being egocentric as me!! ;o)

Yes, but let's be honest here, you're nuts ;o)

Maybe, my opinion still counts! :P

You'd like to think so, but you're crazy ;o)

I don't know you but....

I don't know you but your really hot!!!!!

Re: I don't know you but....

The MTV Generation Strikes Back.....

*still finding it strange you calling me Melissa*!!


that is so sweet :) *cuddles*
you don't have to go to so much trouble you know... but obviously I appreciate it loads. aww, you're so nice to me.

Yes.. 3 days.. I must try and keep track of what day it is ;)

I told you, I'll call you whatever you want. You're just too lazy to decide what that is, so until that time, I'm going to call you Melissa, since you said you prefer it to Mel, and can't think of any other good shortenings. If that is indeed a word. At 9am, anything can be a word as far as I'm concerned.....

Anyhow, it's my pleasure to go to as much trouble as I can in order to get you the best present I can come up with on my limited budget. I can't afford to spend too much, since that money would come out of my visiting-you reserves, and that would suck ;o)

And now it's two days (ish), in that there's just Wednesday and Thursday to go. Yay :o)

Fair enough... :) You're pretty much the only person who does...

and yay! I can't wait :)

Yay, I feel special. If you can think of anything you'd rather be called, then feel free to let me know. Until then, you're Melissa :o)

my, aren't you lucky!!
be happy darling, you have someone who will bow down to you, without you being a dominatriss.(or as is my perspective)
and to top ot off, he is damn fine too,
be happy, and enjoy, oh, and i guess a happy birthday wishes too, so, hope there to be many for the 2 of you , together
~the lost one

Thanks a lot :) I am extremely happy!

I know how lucky I am... though he doesn't agree, heh

Of course I don't agree - I'm the lucky one, having somebody like you. Now that we've got that sorted, let us never speak of this again ;o)

*has no fscking clue what to get her as she won't tell me what she wants*

Silly Mel.


you did ask Charly though! Errr.. I don't know.
Something Al like, hehe

He's been asking me too (in between telling me that he wants to have sex with me and Shanu, after the sex-change operation ;o)

You are still gonna go through with it yeah?


it is so very cute, and, yet, at the same time, extremly sickning to see how you 2 are with eachother.
i hope it lasts, for a long time, with many a happy day {and night}
just, neither of you , remember when to let your guard down, and when to keep it sturdy and impermiable.
not meaning to frighten, or anything, just remind, as much as you may love someone, love will not always be so kind, love i a crule animal.
but, nuf said, i think we all know this.
so, enough of the horror stories, many wishes of great times to you
{and i hope the whole sex change, and haveing sex with them , is all an anside joke,
for the lady's sake}
good day all
i think i must go sleep, so that my mind will be working better next time i visit

I know... I figured that if other people are going to sicken me with their cuteness (yes David, this means you) then it's only fair that I should do so back.

And yes, it is a joke - I have no intention of getting a sex change. I can't speak for Shanu, of course (despite the fact that I said he was going to get one without consulting him).....

G'night :o)

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