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Wooo! Off for another weekend with Mel. Don't wait up, kids :o)

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you're fucking cute ;)--watch me get a 100 IMs from your girl friend or some shit now...

You are welcome to shit if thats what you want! I seem to produce this quite regularly!

Ahhhhhh ... apologies ... you're american!

I'll remove the brit sense of humour so you may converse on a more even keel!

I understand the English humor sometimes more than Yank humor. Yank humor is football in the groin about 80 gazillion times in a row.

I really just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. It's a silly holiday, with giant bunnies and whatnot. I like silly.

Ummm ... ok thanks! Happy Easter to you too!!

I don't think she sees you as a threat ;o)

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