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My business is done
Just got paid... £7.20/hr for 67.5 hours, less national insurance, gives me £475. Yay! :o)

Checking my pay slip, I've learned that I earned £3000 in the last year - that's not bad really for what is effectively only a holiday job...

Anyhow, the other good news is that the database is now finished. More or less. That is to say, the table is complete - data entry can now start. The form for entering that data is also complete, and is protected against people editing it until they click the button to do so (just in case). The OLE system for the repairs files is in, and supported. Just a few more things I can work on.

1\ Add the admin menu. This will allow for updating the serial number format every month (since this is currently only vaguely supported)

2\ Add further dynamic functionality. Currently, the context-sensitive input fields are defined in the code. I will create a new table containing the relevant details so that the context-sensitive input fields can be changed by the user

3\ Lots of other neato things :o)

Oh, and I might have forgotten to say this before, but...



Thank you :o)

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gives me £475.

Correction - gives your parents £475 - Oh wait, that doesn't happen in real life does it ;-)

Nope, not in the slightest. If I gave that money to you, I'd only ask for it back in a couple of days so that I could pay rent, and buy food :o)

Umm.... your *parents* read your livejournal?


And his brother does...

No, only my father. My mother only finds out stuff when my brother reads it out to her. She's the only one in the family without a LJ.

No no no, thank you :o)

Do I get a cookie for spotting the Invader Zim reference?

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