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I like my new function...
Private Function MapC(tablerow As String, description As String, cmbbox As ComboBox, lbl As Label, contents As String)

cmbbox.ControlSource = tablerow
lbl.Caption = description
cmbbox.RowSourceType = "Table/Query"
cmbbox.RowSource = contents
cmbbox.Visible = True
lbl.Visible = True

End Function
It allows me to use a one-line command to tell the software what a ComboBox should behave like. That means that on my form, I have a few textboxes, comboboxes, and checkboxes, which can be set to anything I like - I was going to have lots of different input elements and make some of them visible, some of them not, but this way works a lot better. Based on a user's choice, I then set the input element and its label as being visible, tell them what they're meant to link to in the database, etc...

Anyhow, just wanted to show that off - not that it's anything complicated, but still, database design is still one of those things I still manage to feel proud of. I want to do something with my life I can be proud of... I wrote once about my ambition in life, which has been the same for quite some time
I'd be in my study, doing freelance design of intelligent kids' toys, to educate and entertain. That's all I've wanted to do for so long - just building little toys that are smart enough to compete with the short-attention-span youth of tomorrow, which will help them grow as individuals, and help them interract. A toy which is never the same twice, where every kid gets a unique experience from it, rather than putting out generic action figure crap.
Further stuff (plus pics of me as a kid) on that topic here:

And in a lot more detail (although I've changed the specs since then):

Anyhow, so yeah, that's my ambition. Commence laughter, you aggravating little bastards ;o)

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As if we would! ;0)

Awwwwwww! those pics are so cute!

*saves for future blackmailing purposes* ;)

Ha... watch out, you - I'm going to see those videos of you when you were ickle before too long... ;o)

It sounds like an excellent idea. I wouldn't dream of laughing, people laugh at me all too much. Trust me. Hell, I bet you laugh at me and you don't even know me. SPRING BREAK! Sorry, got distracted. :)


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