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Unwillful Neglect of Studies
Oops. Woke up at 1pm. Two seminars missed, one lecture to go. Managed to get to the lecture, though - hooray. Here's why...

Went out clubbing last night. Wasn't much fun, but I never expected it to be. You have to be pretty drunk to find wiggling your body about for over three hours in any way fun. This was a feat managed very well by Lulu and Vicky, mind you... Vicky and myself had made Vodka Jelly for everybody last night - two big bowls of it. One Raspberry, one Strawberry, one with half a pint of vodka in, one with three quarters of a pint of vodka in (these being one-pint jellies). It was rather fun to eat, in that it was, like woah... They got absolutely plastered on that, along with some wine too, and beer, and God knows what else... When we left the club, at about 2am, they were unable to walk faster than a snail's pace, and kept on stopping. The others didn't really care, but I went back to help them, because Vicky took care of me when I was drunk and ill.

So anyhow, we walked a long long way (or, rather, for a long long time - it may not have been so far, really) with me literally holding Vicky up, until they both decided that they desperately needed the toilet, and couldn't wait. We found Burger King to be open, so they went in there - as an alternative to finding a semi-dark road and hoping no cars came... Yeesh... I was so tempted to just get a taxi and put them in it, but I didn't - I didn't trust them to get back OK :o)

Anyhow, we finally got them to the bus stop, and found that Lulu and James had no money, so I gave them each £2 to get on the bus home. Aren't I kind (or something...). Bus journey home was annoying - many drunk people there mouthing off about various shit... Morons... Anyhow, managed to get back to the Uni OK, when James got all cold (because he only had a shirt on) so I lent him my jacket (since I had a t-shirt and a shirt). All in all, I think I did pretty well for myself karma-wise last night. Hooray. The club was rather boring, but heck, you can't have everything. They played the Womp Womp song, which was probably the hilight of James's night, and they played My Name Is by Eminem, which was the hilight of mine and Alex's. Anyway, we got back to the flat at about 3:30am, and I went straight to bed, and slept for 10 bleeding hours. Oops...

So, anyhow, with very little to say, I'm off now... I need some food. I have a little bolognese left (but not much), so I may eat that. It had just a tad more garlic in it than intended, but it wasn't at all bad. I made it with 500g of mince, and ate over three quarters of the stuff, which I think was pretty good going... Anyhow, more later (or, indeed, tomorrow)...

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Must of been a terrible night if THAT was the highlight of your evening. Shit song.

Excellent song, thank you so very much... And in the club, it's just sheer quality :o)

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