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I did a search on Google Groups (formerly DejaNews) for a post I made - I just put in a few me-like keywords to find it. It couldn't find the post, but said

Suggested Newsgroups:

Now, what I want to know, is who blabbed to Google about my nekkid videos, huh? ;o)

Oh well, I was amused anyway... Just so long as a search for me on KaZaA doesn't turn up sex movies, that's fine by me. If it does, then I'll know who to blame - there's not very many people with said movies, so it won't be hard to track down the person who has been distributing my Jaems Pr0n ;o)

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you can't prove anything!


Well I didn't leak them to the public.... ;o)

I never said that ;o)

Actually, somehow I don't see you sharing your stash of Jaems pr0n, so it's okay :o)

yeah, its all mine! *mwahahha* :)

And you wonder why I make jokes about jamie? lol!

Yeah, I do wonder, because its nothing to do with you.

[resists obvious Jamie-has-a-lot-to-show-off comments]


You are gorgeous, and incredibly hot...

so there :P


Grr, I'll get you for that tonight ;o)

Save it for later ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Well I wouldn't know anyway... :o)

So long as the Jaems pr0n is safe :o)

have you got the filter on?

(Deleted comment)
Wait until the others hear that you had to be taught how to get porn by my girlfriend ;o)

Better yet - wait until I tell my sister about your filthy habits. She will judge you ;o)

hehe :)

tis fairly amusing..

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