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Well, that was novel - just got a call from Woz... Infuriatingly, he sounds really friendly, and not at all fat-northern-bastard-like, as I had (rather spitefully) hoped. Oh well :o) But yeah, that was a bit of a treat, it's not often that members of my Idiot Army call me - most of them seem to try to keep their distance ;o)

Anyhow, working more on the database - I'm almost ready to let the thing have access to the tables (but not just yet)

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i'm jealous...of both of u ;)

He was worryingly polite too... It was most disturbing... He even apologised for the inconvenience at one point - strange man :o)

i thought you weren't taking calls at work? :)

That was just a ploy to stop you from ringing him all the time :-P

I got her shouted at yesterday :o(

That's why she's not allowed to call any more - I won't be the cause of her getting into trouble :o)

But... I get shouted at when I'm on the phone to Al too!

and my mum isnt in at the moment!
ooh *plots*

'twas lovely speaking to you sweetie :o)

Hehe, I was gonna say the same thing, but my boss came back in so I had to work :-(

I'll take calls from people who can afford to make them ;o)

Thanks for the help James! I didn't know who else I could call to help and your number flashed up on my phone whilst I was scrolling down the list.

It was all sorted and delivered with the desired effect.
Nice one! :0)

Happy to be of service :o)


Looks like it could all be for nowt now! Think I'm getting the run around ... but thats just women for you!

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