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Sense of Relief
Did the test. There weren't any questions on integration by substitution, so I was rather pleased (even though I figured out how to do them earlier, for about the hundredth time - I'll forget how in a minute). I managed to answer every single question, but for some reason the question I took longest one was the one worth the fewest marks, and the one that's best suited to my particular talent - that is to say, it was a 6 points Complex Numbers question. Anyway, I managed to get an answer at the end, having had to use Argand Diagrams, arcsin expressions, subtracting it all from Pi, using tan expressions, blah blah, but I got there. Hooray.

In other news, well, there is no other news. I've done nothing but the test since my last update. My money is still bugging me, I'm sure I've not been spending as much in the last week as my ministatement tells me, but then again, I've got it all sorted now anyway. A carefully regimented budget is now in place, so I can't buy any more sweeties for a long time... Oh well...

Currently talking to my darling Becca via e-mail, which is fun. She got shot in the arse the other day, but aside from that she's safe and well. She's coming to visit me for my birthday, hooray! I can't wait for the bloody thing, if only because it means I get some money. Grrr... Monkey Island 4 was shipped today - when it arrives, I'm wrapping it in birthday wrapping paper, and not opening it until Friday 1st December. I'm a good little boy. Birthday arrangements are that we'll celebrate indoors on the Thursday (Claire's birthday), with birthday cake and music and stuff, and then we'll go out to the Gloucester for Indie night on the Friday (my birthday), and celebrate there too. Ah, it's so good... :o)

Anyway, off to check my in-box. If Becca hasn't replied, I'm going to kill her. Or something. Bwahahaha... Oh. She hasn't. Oh well. Maybe she's left the computer labs. I shan't wait around - I'm off back to the flat to watch Fight Club again, so I shall just leave you with this piece of trivia - shpxurnq. The funny thing is, I knew how to spell that, but I couldn't remember what it means. I now remember - it's used in the context of


You should be able to figure it out. And on that note, goodbye :o)

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I rememeber I think

I know its ROT13, like duh, I *THINK* its fuckwitt....

Re: I rememeber I think

BZZZZT! I checked it out in editpad and it is FUCKHEAD actually :-)

Re: I rememeber I think

Yes, because N and Q under ROT13 both go to T... I think you'll find that ROT13 is an injective function, and as such, you can't have two things going to one. It actually means "fuckhead" :o)

Re: I rememeber I think

ok ok smartarse

I thought it was Cat's Scrabble word in Red Dwarf? What you say if you close a dictionary too quickly when you're reading naked...

Probable. However, I conluded it was the sound one produces when stubbing ones toe on the bedside cabinet at 6am (either getting out of bed, or getting in it, drunk).

No, that was JOZXYQK :o)

Intellectual crap.

Honestly,...its all bollocks. I am Becca by the way. And yes I did reply so he didn't kill me.

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