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I'm so sleepy... Somebody is bad for my sleeping patterns ;o)

So anyhow, let's see if I can recap the last few days before I finally pass out... Saturday, I managed to wake up at 9am (with no help from my family, I might add), and then ensued a mad dash to find the clothes which I had cunningly hidden from myself the night before, with the intention of wearing them to Brighton. Finally found where I'd put them, and... *yawn*

Right, well, that approach isn't working. Let's skip forwards a bit, you probably all know how one gets dressed. So I'm in London, wandering from Marylebone to Bond Street (as you do), exchanging text messages from Mel... Skip on a few more minutes, and I'm at Victoria, wandering around, looking at random people and thinking "Is that Mel?". Not my fault, I've only ever seen, what, six pictures of her, none more recent than about a year old. Anyhow, when she did arrive, she walked straight past me (although I was kind of in a crowd), but I recognised her immediately, which saved a lot of hassle.

The first thing that struck me about her was "Hey, she's shorter than me" (which was a good thing, since there was speculation that she wouldn't be), followed, I think, by the thought "yummy". But I digress...

Anyhow, so we met up (+1 AMP Point), and went out for a bit since the next train was ages away. We hung out in whichever park is just outside Buckingham Palace - St. James's I think... Anyhow, so yeah, we hung out there for a while, just talking and stuff, in the sunshine. 'twas nice. And at no point was I lost - I just did a good impression of somebody who walks around in circles... ;o)

Anyway, due to a total inability on both our parts to get motivated to do anything, we didn't leave the park in time to get our train, so we had to just busk it, as I like to do so often. Got on the Hastings train, changed at Lewes, went to Brighton from there, which meant I got to show her the Uni (in a sort of "Over there is the uni, oh, now it's gone again" type way). Anyhow, the train ride was wonderful (+3 AMP Points), and things were going really well, so yay :o)

Now, if I recall correctly, after that we went to the shop to get a couple of things (bread and butter - hooray for toast), and then to my house. Harry and Alex were there, so everybody got introduced, which was... well... a scary worlds colliding moment, to be honest. Current girlfriend plus two ex-girlfriends - that's never a situation you want to be in, so Melissa and I went to the beach for a bit. Wasn't as warm as it could have been, but it was still nice.

Anyway, we came back later that afternoon, and cleverly avoided Harry and Alex by hiding out in my room with the door closed - sneaky :o) Fast forwarding a bit, several hours later, we decided to get some food - figuring everywhere would be full, we just went to the supermarket and picked up typical James ingredients - bread, cheese slices, pepperoni, the usual. So I made us grilled cheese, which she seemed to enjoy - yay :o)

Another few hours later (about 3am or so) we went down to the beach for a bit. It was all dark, and the sea looked really dramatic (although sadly, there were hardly any waves or anything). Anyhow, yeah, I thought it was lovely. We just sat there, and I sang to her (crazy girl seems to like it). But after a while, it got a bit cold, so we went back to the house. Then we just curled up together in bed and went to sleep for a couple of hours, which was wonderful

Sunday... let me think... Got out of bed at around noon, went shopping a bit. Well, as in, walked around various shops in the mall looking at stuff. Had Creme Egg McFlurries - they're a bit pants really. Took them to the beach and hung out there for a while in the glorious sunshine. Yay :o)

Then went back to my house for a bit, had a bit more food, then decided to go to Uni just so I could show her what it's like, and stuff. Sadly, didn't make it - the temptation to just cuddle up in my room was too great, although I'm not complaining. Gave a couple of massages, which was fun - I love doing that... Um, anyhow, eventually it was time to go home again...

So we go to Brighton and get a train for London, which manages to stop for 20 odd minutes while waiting for signal clearance, and then takes another good few minutes to change direction (it was diverted and stuff), so in the end, it took us ages to get into London. Again, not that I mind - we got to spend lots of time together on the train, which was wonderful. I sang more to her - the more I sing, the more my range expands, so you know, that was good - I was able to hit notes I wouldn't usually be able to do, so I must be getting better.

Anyhow, with brief interludes including some guy singing at us, and kissing us (longish story), everything then went off without a hitch, more or less. Got into Victoria, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways (for now).

But yay, since I'm hopefully seeing Melissa again next weekend, and if not, then I'm certainly seeing her for her 18th birthday (which Shanu will apparently be attending - hooray) in just under two weeks. So I can't miss her too much - I'll see her soon enough :o)

But yeah, that's a brief outline of parts of the weekend. I know I've already said this, but it needs repeating - that was absolutely, without a doubt, the best weekend of my entire life. And I couldn't be happier :o)

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What the f*ck is an AMP point?

One of the most highly collectible indications of status in the universe. I have 7.

You sound like a me I used to know :o)

... Only infinitely cooler ;o)

I know i'm not supposed to post...

...but just wanted to say that reading this wasn't too bad, am becoming more okay with this. Just glad you two had a good time and you treated her as well as I thought I did.

I'm allowed to post stuff like this right?

Re: I know i'm not supposed to post...

To be honest, you're allowed to post whatever you like. But I still don't think you reading my journal is what you need. It's up to you, and I won't go out of my way to hide stuff specifically from you or anything, but I still maintain it's probably bad for you.

Regardless, I'm glad you're becoming more okay with it - the more comfortable with it you are, the better, as far as I'm concerned :o)

Creme egg flurries rule, Don't insult them or I'll get my boyfriend on you :P

They're not as good as Smarties ones though!

They have hardly any chocolate or orange "stuff" in them...

It seems like you had a nice weekend hun. I'm gald u did. *muah*

I'm at Victoria, wandering around, looking at random people and thinking "Is that Mel?". Not my fault, I've only ever seen, what, six pictures of her, none more recent than about a year old.

BUT.. I haven't changed at all, I look the same! :P

*adds post to memories*

it was amazing.


Yeah, I know you look the same, but like, I wasn't sure if maybe you'd changed, and somebody else now looked like your picture ;o)


Ahh omg it is soo cute and awesome that u sang to Mel.. i mean.. that is like the sweetest thing in the world.. dont mind me i am just all 'awww!'ed out so.. lol i'll shush now and just say Yay for you guys and hope it all works well :) *hugs* Later~!~
~The Random Lauren~

it is soo cute and awesome that u sang to Mel.. i mean.. that is like the sweetest thing in the world.. dont mind me i am just all 'awww!'ed out

my thoughts exactly :)

Sounds like you had a good time. Hell, you had a good enough time to feel the need to text me and tell me so... : )

Oh and the only way I can think that anyone would ever describe the utterly brilliant idea and combination that is the Creme Egg McFlurry would be if the McDonalds in question were serving it wrong.

Therefore I pronounce your McDonalds shit. The same as the one down the road from me.

For a decent Creme Egg McFlurry you should come to Hull town centre.

I know - I texted lots of people to tell them. I was (and am) so happy :o)

Clearly the McDonalds in the Food Court of the shopping centre here is doing something very wrong then, because it was just... boring :o)

However, last time I got McDonalds in Hull was... well... crap. Your town sucks :o)

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