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Spot the subject reference. Sod this for a game of sleeping soldiers. Or something. Time for gwelly. Or is it gwely? Or gweli? Or gwelu? Anybody Welsh out there who wants to remind me of the spelling, please do. G'night :o)

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and he's mine! ha!

lol, sorry (there, I have done the jealous girlfriend thing now ;) )

yay!!!! tomorrrrrrow! *excited*

No he's mine ... he loves ... ummm ... no can't say that here!!

1st LJ guy i've seen whose hot... :P

Wow, 2 in 24 hours aint you the lucky one ;-)

haha.. aww aren't u adorable *pats ur head* *mwah*
*hugs u*
i could almost add u to my teddybear collection!


Hey, look, a three eyed monster... *points*

*runs in other direction*

lmao.. don't worry i was joking.. *pats ur heaD* hmmm vodka...
the only reason i saw the guy is cos a friend did the quiz and i accidnently hit the creator instead of the quiz.. damn 'click here' buttons *grr*
btw u never told me who the second guy was... :P haha

i'm sorry.. was that offensive? blame it on the vodka *looks for the empty cans*..
sorry, i'm not usually sarcastic or bitchy.. *looks at her journal and bursts out laughing*..
nah i'm sure u'r cute *nods with a very serious face* excuse me while i laugh ;)
okay okay seriously ;) u'r cute..
omg i can't be serious and i find it hard to talk on posts... so hi!!! i'm courtney, sorry for the 1st horridly bad impression, i'll make it up to u some time! until then, i'm not AS evil and bitchy as i make out to be ;)
btw irc ey? i used to be a big irc person.. then i killed my craving for chat and deleted all my programms except my beloved msn *hugs it*..
kick azzzz :D

Nah you don't come accross as offensive... at least not to me, who comes across as offensive unless I'm trying *really* hard...

i can be offensive, NEVER insult my bitchyness. i'm very bitchy *crys* i'm ace of bitchyness... :P

hahaha, umm okay dunno what to say now.. i got one of ur friends now, mwahahaa

I have to admit....he is cute. I'm sorry. You guys don't even know me. I'll just stay out of the way now. I'm sorry if i made Jamie's girlfriend mad too. I just thought Jamie or James was cute and thought me might wanted to know.

Thanks, nobody ever tells me these things ;o)

Perhaps you'd like to explain to the nice people why you're thinking of sleeping with soldiers?

Lookin' good!

Hey! You're pretty hot! I don't have a livejournal which sucks, so I had to check the anonymous button thingy. you can email me at or

stay ur hot self and never change! LOL :-)

I am coming around to attack you soon.Hahahahaha. Glad you are happy.

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