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Hmm... I worked through lunch... So like, I think I'll juts go home now - I've finished dealing with one of the tables (the largest, I believe) - 4000 rows checked and altered where needed. Time to rest my poor aching hands....

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Well it sounds like your intranet idea is turning out well. Personally, I liked it. I hope it's all good with you. I feel terrible, I'm going back to bed. Yay for diseasedness making you not go to school eh?


Bah ... lunch indeed! I dunno think you;ve done a hard days work etc etc in my day etc etc! :0P

i would just like to say that your name rocks, jamie is the best name in the world.

<3 jamie

You know, the "Which movie rating are you?" thing you made is going around the internet everywhere.....I got it on AND in email. I just wanted to say, congrats. It's cool. Too bad it only really applies to guys....but girls are taking it too! You should make a new one for us ladies.


hey where r u from? u seem like a pretty cool guy...if u ever wanna chat : Lindsical413....ok byebye

~i like ur name too ;)

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