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The boss has expressed interest in my Intranet idea - we're going to have a meeting with the guy who deals with the network in order to see if it's feasible or not. He seemed especially happy with the idea that multiple users can query the same database at once, since the current system doesn't allow that. So this is looking promising :o)

Mel and I seem to be trying to push the limits of Genie's systems - I've sent about fourty text messages or so thus far today, and it's not even 2pm yet. Shocking, that's what it is. In theory, my contract still gives me an unlimited number for free, but in practice, I'm not sure whether they've slyly changed it behind my back without telling me. Still, the first 600 are free, regardless.

Finished almost all the manuals now - all I have to do is add the drawings to the EC manuals, and I'm done - shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Currently, I'm working on cleaning up a database - going through it, making sure that all fields that should be the same are the same (for instance AWE and A.W.E should be the same). Adding some consistancy to the whole thing, and such... It'll just make it easier for when I get the intranet up (if I do), since people won't be able to just look at the tables to find similarly named entries... :o)

I've so far managed to more or less work through lunch - aside from a 20 minute call to Mel just now, and a quick bite to eat, I've been sat at my desk doing this database stuff. When I'm bored, I barely do any work all day - when I'm having fun, I don't even stop for lunch :o)

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I don't really stop for lunch anyway, something to do with customers always appearing just as I sit down.

Stupid public.

Thankfully, I don't have to deal with the public. And if I did, I wouldn't have to be nice, since I have the admin password to the network, and the customer details are in the database I have open right now. I could probably kill somebody's discount on their next $30,000 purchase if they tried to bother me ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Heh... I can't deny it - I've read too much of that stuff. In one week, I read the complete archives from '95 onwards - it kinda turned me evil ;o)

(Deleted comment)
I know, I love that stuff.... Can't get enough of it. But it turns me meant ;o)

Just rub it in why don't you :-P

Dealing with the public is a black art, takes time and is never perfected. Heh.

I still manage to be rude while yet not offending them :-D

I dare you to do it and see what happens!

Not a wise move when they are spending that much money!

Mind you we have consistently and totally accidentally overbilled one of our customers every month since last November by the grand sum of £300k a MONTH! :0)

Needless to say they are going ape shit!

Give me some of that ;o)

I would if I could get my hands on it myself!

Hahaha LUNCH! WTF is that!?

*dreads the phone bill* ;)

I fear no bills!! :o)

Now why does that not reassure me? ;)

Well you know, this way, I can always phone you, since I don't mind the bills ;o)

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