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Pfft... Working on manuals some more - converting them to PDF format. Taking a break for a minute, because the tiresome repetitiveness of it all is giving me a headache...

Saw Craig today for the first time since Christmas - he did a double take when he saw my hair. It amused me, did that.

Half-way through the week now (give or take an hour or two)... It's going so damned slowly, it's really beginning to annoy me. Still, after today, there's only two days of work before the weekend (and therefore Mel), and one of those is a Friday, so it hardly counts.

Just one more real day to go :o)

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Hmm, I don't think Friday would be too pleased to find out you don't really like it.


I have loads of interesting work I could let you have which would also enable me to take the same attitude towards Fridays (excluding this Friday as I am on leave). Can't pay you for it though unless you have a history of consultancy work - then I can get ya £1500 a day! ;0)

How about you employ me for free for a week, thus giving me experience of consultancy, and then pay me £1500 per day for the next week after that? ;o)

I think "history of consultancy work" should read "years of consultancy experience in ...".

Sorry to confuse the issue.

If I could though mate I would!

Damn, it's harder to fool these companies than I thought.... As it goes, I do have years of experience in consultancy. The highly reliable and honest contact for my references is a Mrs S Webley......

Mrs S Webley......

What's up? Afraid I might tell the truth :-))

Hey! I was an integral part of the implementation of Oracle Financials at the University of Durham, and was a credit to the team ;oP

You mean Debit to the team? ;0)

Bah... They loved me. Wrote me a lovely reference. Which I think I've lost :o)

Heh ... just kidding! :0)

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