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I am The Unknown James - Human Search And Replace Drone.


Without text messages from Mel, my brain would have melted by now :o)

Phone number: 07764488860

Feel free to interrupt me and my work - just texts, I won't answer calls :o)

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Hmmm.. am I not swamping you with enough then? :)

must try harder.. though I'm not sure how.. hehe

Bring it on ;o)

I keep saving them onto the computer, so my inbox is nowhere near full yet :o)

You were on wednesday thursday friday and saturday.

*tapes up mouth*

Frankly Sir, your sighing annoys me :-P


It was the only thing I could think of to say

Maybe you should have said nothing then? :-P

*removes tape from mouth*

I hope you've learnt your lesson.

I learnt the lesson that you're a bully.

Anyhow, I had to say something, if only to acknowledge that I read it.

I'm a bully. Tis true, I'm surprised it took you this long to realise :-P

hmmmm... i don't think is working anymore. darn.


Like I said ... do some bloody work ya lazy git! ;0)

I'm trying. But it's so tedious. Wish I could just search for "Madderlake Scientific" and replace it with "Systech Instruments", but in some cases it says things like "Systech is a division of Madderlake" and stuff, so it would cause errors like "Systech is part of Systech", and things like that. Which is not what I'm looking for here :o\

Oh well, should be finished within a fortnight (which is when the new company name takes effect)

Yawnsville ... I don't envy you ... still its money in your pocket!

You have to change the graphics/logo's as well?

At some point, yes. Thankfully, at present, all I have to do in that area is replace the logos on the front page of the manual (all the same) with a new logo. So just more repetitive replacing.

I think things like letterheads and stuff are done off-site, since we're only a small company, and it's easier to just sub stuff like that out, so I don't need to worry about that stuff thankfully. Nor do I need to worry about the logos on the instrument panels of the stuff we sell, mercifully (or the digital images of said instruments that go in the sales junk). Right now, it's mostly just correcting Headers, Footers, Addresses, and the occasional self-reference in documentation.

*kicks your stupid phone and stuff*

I'd annoy you with texts, but noooo.. they keep failing. bah.

sed is your friend.

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