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Desolate Wallet
Shee-it... I won't tell you how bad my money situation is - this is something for me to handle, and for me to take action about. But I will say this - I'm not pleased. My attempts at sorting out a budget have failed miserably. More than miserably, in fact. But thankfully, that was early on. Right now, I'm doing well, buying about a week's worth of "shopping" for a tenner, and then other items (such as bread, which is bought bi-daily) are costing about a fiver per week. My spending is actually very good, and I'll be able to live off about £250 next term, which is more or less equal to what I will have, without working. So really, I'm doing OK, it's just a few poor judgement calls and some overspending has left me in a sorry state. Oh well, it can't be helped. I've learned very quickly that seeing those two letters "DR" on your ministatement is never a good thing... Went to the bank earlier, got my overdraft sorted out so that I can now access a further thousand pounds if I had to. I'll survive, and work my way out of debt anyway...

So, just been to a maths lecture. Good fun, not... Linear spaces - ooh, that stuff bugs me. I'm now in a programming class, coding Java. Hooray. Crying students are so much fun to program... :o)

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Sitting quietly resisting temptation to say "I warned you!"

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