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Changes, changes... Ho diddle hum...

Went down to Brighton to pick up my clothes, guitar, and computer. Didn't see any of my flatmates, which was a shame - I wanted to see Jimbo before I left for the holidays, but didn't get a chance. Oh well... I'm gonna be down in Brighton next weekend for a bit of a break anyway, so I might see him then if he's around.

Current transferring files from my PC to our main one here - a couple of hours to go, and then I can format mine. All my ultra important stuff is over now, so all I have to do is finish transferring those MP3s that I can't easily get elsewhere. Then I'll take the PC upstairs, and take it to little tiny bits. Yay :o)

Let's see, what else have I done today... Not a lot... Spoke to Mel on the phone for a bit, ate lots of food, completed Metal Gear Solid 2 (with a little help from Ed), watched a few videos... Nothing too strenuous - quite how I'm going to cope with working, I don't know...

Finding less and less time to sit online though, which bothers me a bit... Either somebody else is on the computers, or I have something else to do, or whatever.... *sigh*

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your quiz

Hey, your quiz about movie ratings was great, but I thought you'd like to know, you misspelled "Tennessee"-you only put one "e" at the end instead of two.

~A Tennesseean (is that a word? lol)

hmm.. i got NC-17 on yur test, is that bad? :D

Just waned to let you know Jamie that you're a very nice looking guy! Don't know why, just thought you'd like to know.

I'm very new to livejournal, 'scuse me for being nutty ;)

hopefully you'll be on later though? :o)

seeing as your computer will be mended?


All mended, but it's up in my room away from the network. For the next five weeks, I'll be working on making sure it's all customized exactly how I want it, with all the right software, and then when I get back to Uni, I'll plug it back into the Internet :o)

stopped by a face

hey, stopped by to take a quiz and noticed you're a guitar player. quite awesome. i learning it, and needless to say, i really am not any good. lol. are you in a band? i'm at . i'm going to take that movie quiz now. @->---- lauren

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