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Hmm... weird day... Get an e-mail from Liz whining about something or other. She's been reading back in Jen's journal, and reading her memories list, or something. All rather freaky. Anyhow, you stupid Welsh bint, if you're reading this, I'll say this once, and once only - naff off.

In other news, I've been playing lots and lots and lots of bass guitar. I think I'm really improving, so that's good. I'm probably getting myself an Ibanez bass guitar at the end of the holidays, with some of my earnings. I've been working out money stuff - In theory, my pay for four weeks of Easter will cover my rent up to the summer, and the pay for the last week will cover the new guitar. Then my student loan of about £1000 will cover the ten or so weeks of Uni. Then I have three months of work over the summer, which will really help me financially and allow me to pay my parents back some of the money I owe them. Alternatively, if they let me wait a bit, I can actually put the money into my own bank account, and finally get out of debt to the bank (I'm £2000 overdrawn). I'll actually have a positive balance when I emerge from the summer, and then I'll have something to aim for - i.e., not going below zero again. I rather like the idea of managing to get my act together, and go into the third year better off than where I was when I went into the second :o)

Anyhow, back to sitting around, eating, watching TV, whatever... :o)

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Good plan. But take it from me, it'll never happen.

Makes sense to me

Well, I'm back. So my parents didn't kill me, and I almost bet you're disappointed. Ha. Anyway, I do hope everything works out for the best for your third year. I would write more, but I have a bloody MRI scheduled because I'm a fucking medical marvel. Now if you would excuse me, I have to be poked and prodded and have needles poke out of me from every doctor in the metro Detroit area.

it's nice to read abt someone online who likes to play the bass guitar too. i'm juz pickin it up and guys are mainly sayin hell this girl can't do it but dan if u play for the love of it, who's to say whatever. anyway, continue with the passion. i play the flute and the french horn too.
have a kickass weekend.

Wahay ... wanna play the french horn with me??????????????????/

Sorry I couldn't resist that! ;0)

haha yeah why not, and might as well throw in a tango too meantime, if u tango, that is ;)

Lol ... well I do ... but I can't gurantee I'm any good! ;0)

Uh... you do realise that our band is never gonna go anywhere, right? ;)

With you in it? ;o)

But yeah, I know Mark is the only one who cares, and that's just fine. I'm just looking forward to the challenge of learning Bass, and the experience of playing with others. I'm not looking to get famous on this one ;o)

Well, I'm not talking about getting famous... I mean actually doing anything really. Heheh. Anyway, if I have time (hopefully should over Easter eh?) I'll be able to improve my guitar somewhat and thus be capable of, like, playing and shit.

Yeah, but you know, a couple of practice sessions is all I'm looking for, and you've proven (twice) that you're all capable of that, so that's okay :o)

Anyhow, you can already play. You could play better, but I could play better, Mark could play better, everybody could play better, so... :o)

Yeah, but I suck some serious ass there. ;) We've not really practiced in ages. ::shrugs:: Easter = writing, guitar practice and money earning to me.

(Deleted comment)
Uh, I mean, no idea :o)

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