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I'm at home for my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary and my Dad's 50th Birthday. They had no idea I was coming. Yay :o)

More later, but right now, I'm all busy and stuff. Playing lots of bass guitar, among other things :o)

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aww yay.. thats sweet that you all went home to celebrate with them and stuff :) ...alos.. yay for playin the bass and other things hehh.. ttyl
~the random Lauren~

yay for playing bass!

bassists rock :o)

and dammit.. I came on, and you're not here again

(lol, only kidding. but grrr at you leaving!)

are your family doing anything for the birthday/anniversary?

I'm sat here with the Ibanez right now, playing stuff. Bass rules, and bassists are the bestest :o)

Hey, what does it matter if I'm gone? You know my number :o)

We've all had pizza to celebrate, but nowt else really...

Yay for playing the bass guitar you rock stud you! [swoon swoon] ;0)

Have my babies?

That's nice!

Hope they had a good time

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