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Moron Fuckwits? :o)
My post was put on a message board. Here are some responses from various people, and what I'd say back if I could be bollocksed with it all...
Who fucking wrote that buncha horse shit? When I have time I will be more than happy to answer all of that, but to say that the IRA was funded by the US is bullshit. I am sure one of our CLOSEST allies the British government would simply LOVE to have us funding a group who targetted them with assasination attempts and terrorist attacks.
So, in the face of facts, this person decides I must be wrong about it, because it sounds implausible? Pull the other one - it's a matter of fact that most of the IRA's funding came from across the pond, any suggestion to the contrary is just wrong.
He's forgetting the lend-lease that kept the UK in the war, and neglecting that before PH, for all practical purposes, we were in a war in the Atlantic--American destroyers were sinking German subs. And not many people really knew about the death camps until they saw them with their own eyes.
The point I was dreading people making - yes, the US did give us money. However, they loaned us the money as I recall. Anything in the name of profit....
there's no one attack by the IRA that did even 1/10 as much damage as the WTC attacks
Yes. However, there was only one World Trade Center attack (unless you count the one 8 years ago), whereas there were many bombings.

All in all, not some bad comments by them, but there wasn't much (thus far) that was especially debate-worthy from them...

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Sinn Fein (the political front for the IRA) would undertake collections in large cities of the US with a large population of Irish (or people desperately wanting to be Irish).I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to undertake collections and donations etc into the political party which would then easily dissapear into "other" areas!

Oh boy can you tell I'm a cynic!

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