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Moron Fuckwits? :o)
My post was put on a message board. Here are some responses from various people, and what I'd say back if I could be bollocksed with it all...
Who fucking wrote that buncha horse shit? When I have time I will be more than happy to answer all of that, but to say that the IRA was funded by the US is bullshit. I am sure one of our CLOSEST allies the British government would simply LOVE to have us funding a group who targetted them with assasination attempts and terrorist attacks.
So, in the face of facts, this person decides I must be wrong about it, because it sounds implausible? Pull the other one - it's a matter of fact that most of the IRA's funding came from across the pond, any suggestion to the contrary is just wrong.
He's forgetting the lend-lease that kept the UK in the war, and neglecting that before PH, for all practical purposes, we were in a war in the Atlantic--American destroyers were sinking German subs. And not many people really knew about the death camps until they saw them with their own eyes.
The point I was dreading people making - yes, the US did give us money. However, they loaned us the money as I recall. Anything in the name of profit....
there's no one attack by the IRA that did even 1/10 as much damage as the WTC attacks
Yes. However, there was only one World Trade Center attack (unless you count the one 8 years ago), whereas there were many bombings.

All in all, not some bad comments by them, but there wasn't much (thus far) that was especially debate-worthy from them...

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never claimed that they were intelligent

most aren't - would of posted in soap box - but then both of us woule become equally as frustrated, just for the lack of intelligence in general.. im sorry but "damn brit" does NOT strike me as a debate-worthy subject, OR something that belongs in a debate forum... may-b its just me *rolls eyes* i'll check it again n let you know if anything of value has turned up - sometimes people suprise me.

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