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Moron Fuckwits? :o)
My post was put on a message board. Here are some responses from various people, and what I'd say back if I could be bollocksed with it all...
Who fucking wrote that buncha horse shit? When I have time I will be more than happy to answer all of that, but to say that the IRA was funded by the US is bullshit. I am sure one of our CLOSEST allies the British government would simply LOVE to have us funding a group who targetted them with assasination attempts and terrorist attacks.
So, in the face of facts, this person decides I must be wrong about it, because it sounds implausible? Pull the other one - it's a matter of fact that most of the IRA's funding came from across the pond, any suggestion to the contrary is just wrong.
He's forgetting the lend-lease that kept the UK in the war, and neglecting that before PH, for all practical purposes, we were in a war in the Atlantic--American destroyers were sinking German subs. And not many people really knew about the death camps until they saw them with their own eyes.
The point I was dreading people making - yes, the US did give us money. However, they loaned us the money as I recall. Anything in the name of profit....
there's no one attack by the IRA that did even 1/10 as much damage as the WTC attacks
Yes. However, there was only one World Trade Center attack (unless you count the one 8 years ago), whereas there were many bombings.

All in all, not some bad comments by them, but there wasn't much (thus far) that was especially debate-worthy from them...

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(Deleted comment)
I'll have a go at finding some, although it won't be easy - as you can imagine, these days, the idea that the US sponsored terrorists isn't going to be a popular one... :o)

Well, the lend-lease was more of a giveaway, or rather like lending someone a piece of chewing gum: there's not much point in getting back a chewed-up destroyer. Although the allies did return most of what they got...

{useless bit of historical trivia} One interesting moment occured when Russians, eager to show up the Americans, returned lend-leased Jeeps scrubbed sparkling clean, with new paintjobs. The jeeps were rolled aboard US ships and promptly compacted into cubes - there was such a glut of jeeps that it was cheaper to scrap them for the steel... {/trivia}

But the point this person makes is a classical debate tactic of switching the topic. Yes, the US did help win the WW2 and showed the world the horrors of the concentration camps. But then it went and funded the IRA when that was in its own best interest. One does not make up for the other.

(Although I must say that US funding of the IRA is news to me... Could you point me to some sources? It's not that I don't trust you, but being a history major has left me compulsively finding primary sources on everything...)

"we were in a war in the Atlantic--American destroyers were sinking German subs"

Thats not entirely true. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour because the vast majority of the US Navy was there. The US were too heavily embroiled in imposing sanctions against the Japanese for their invasion of China to get involved in the Atlantic. If they did become involved in any battles it was becuse they were forced to defend themselves and not due to any political decision to help us.

The alliance of the Japanese with the Germans forced the hand of the US to enter the war after Pearl Harbour.

So the US used atom bombs to assert their authority on that occasion.

never claimed that they were intelligent

most aren't - would of posted in soap box - but then both of us woule become equally as frustrated, just for the lack of intelligence in general.. im sorry but "damn brit" does NOT strike me as a debate-worthy subject, OR something that belongs in a debate forum... may-b its just me *rolls eyes* i'll check it again n let you know if anything of value has turned up - sometimes people suprise me.

there have been a FEW intelligent responses... towards the bottom of the 1st page

brentroad.com too see em
(for everyone else.. it's under message boards, the lounge, six months after...)


I thought this was on mine for a minute, then realised that the idea of three seperate people responding was just plain silly. ;)

IRA funding... as far as I know, the McDonalds one is a hoax. However, considering the large contingent of "Irish" that populate America (I believe at least one stand-up comedian has described this number as being larger than the population of Ireland itself), I shouldn't be surprised if the rich or influential amongst these channelled money into radical, militant organisations like the IRA is today. Of course, it's probable that groups like the Red Hand etceteras also receive substantial funding from overseas. Hmm. Anyway, my point is that your point stands, Jamie, which is regarding the fact that America funds radical causes when it suits its own conservative purposes, and then condemns them when it "loses control". "There's a price for too much arrogance, a price for too much greed - and in complacent ignorance, we've sown the whirlwind seed!"

Incidentally, it's worth noting that a number of US corporations continued trading with Germany well after the onset of WW2, and several other corporations and organisations fully supported Hitler (sadly I can't think of any other than Watchtower, the Jehovah's Witnesses group) in all that he did. I can't recall specifics, but if anyone wants to investigate this, I'm sure there'll be plenty of information available online.

Sinn Fein (the political front for the IRA) would undertake collections in large cities of the US with a large population of Irish (or people desperately wanting to be Irish).I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to undertake collections and donations etc into the political party which would then easily dissapear into "other" areas!

Oh boy can you tell I'm a cynic!

american moron fuckups

right on mother fucker , o well you lended money to us in the war , thanks abunch youve left us with a crippling debt weve got no chance of paying off , so money that could finance our healthcare and education is pummmled into america sorry if i dint cry a tear for your heart felt generoursity.
the blond guys right for years americans (albeit not the goverment ) have been funding the ira terrorism campign , through the NORAID fund raising (for christ sake rhere have been concerts to suypport the irish 'cause in madison square garden) for many years and to the tune of millons of dollers before any american coments on terrorism they should look at the destructivness of the forign plolicy and soon you will come to realise just why there is wide spread anti american feelinng through europe , the middlke east and asia .
oh and to the gut who said that the iras campign wasnt that destuctive , look into the eyes of the victims of the troubles and say that to , comment like thAT is sickening , ehat mores deaths makes it any worse

Re: american moron fuckups

sorry for irate rant but im pissed off

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