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Wounded Behind
I have just been sitting on the floor in the USSU building for the last two and a half God damned hours, enduring the AGM. But it was actually very good. Key issues I voted on included whether we should lapse our policy (which was merely a statement of what our Union believes) regarding hunt saboteurs. I was of the opinion that we shouldn't support the saboteurs, because it should be a matter of government policy and legislation that fox hunting is wrong, and I don't see saboteurs as being a constructive means of realising that goal. Seriously. Anyway, another point I voted on was to scrap proposals to reduce the required attendance for meetings. The one last Thursday failed to get 5% attendance of all members of the Union, so they proposed lowering it to 4%. However, this promotes (or if not promotes, at least condones) apathy among students. The required attendance has been at 5% since the founding of the present system, and I think it's important that it remains like that. Otherwise, it will decrease every year when people can't be arsed to come along, until we're left with a senate system, where only a few people decide. And we all know how well that works in the US, eh... :o)

In other vaguely James-related news, I'm going on a demonstration in London tomorrow, protesting against fees. Did I mention that? Yay for being against fees... Travel up to London by coach tomorrow morning, get back some time in the evening... I hope it's not too late, since Annie is going to be on the radio. Last night, she won a game on the radio (which I recorded for her, and tried to help her with, only I didn't know the answer), and they apparently liked her so much that she's been invited to go to the studio to be on... Pretty cool...

Oh, I'm getting a new guitar in the very near future. Fed up with my current one, I've decided that since I'll be getting a new one sooner or later, I may as well do it before the new year. This means Christmas time - hooray. I can't wait. I'm thinking of spending about £300 on the guitar, plus a bit on an amp (nothing too expensive though - £50 tops). I know it's money I don't have, but it's money I will have some day, and since I have to pay for it some time, it may as well be now. The interest on about £350 with my overdraft won't be too high, since it's a nice student overdraft. Thus, I may as well get it now...

Ooh, and as the title of this post suggests, I have my Fight Club DVD. But first, allow me to talk about the Blade Runner DVD instead. Oh my God. Could they have come up with a worse DVD? Seriously... OH MY GOD. Anyway, aside from being total shite, it's not so bad. By that, I mean that it's still a great film, but it's just that - the film. South Park has tons of features, Fight Club has a whole extra DVD of features, and Blade Runner hardly even has a frigging menu, let alone a single special feature. Oh well...

But yes, back to Fight Club. Potentially, the best film I've ever watched. Better than The Matrix, better than Star Wars, better than Dune, better than Blade Runner. Ed Norton and Brad Pitt were casted perfectly for the roles, and the whole movie is just amazing from start to finish. There's a couple of poor patches (just a couple, and neither is long), and much of it is open to interpretation (especially the confusing end), but this doesn't detract from the finished product. On a more personal note, I can identify with a lot of this film. I get given the plot synopsis "Slightly odd guy with some multiple personality issues forms a secret army intent on causing chaos", and I have to wonder whether the film is a reflection of me, or whether I'm a reflection of the film. Art imitating life imitating art. Regardless, the end result is that this film affected (and continues to affect me) on a highly personal level, that I find incredibly difficult to describe to others. David instantly failed to grasp it, so did everybody else. The only person thus far who seems to have noticed the striking resemblance is Reycov, who I thank for recommending the film in the first place (yes David, I know you did, but he did first ;o).

Anyway, I've not really eaten much today, and the AGM lasted longer than I can comfortably put up with. I'm off to eat some stuff before I pass out, and then I think I'll watch Fight Club again. Already seen it three times - let's make it four :o)

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What guitar are you planning on getting. Sounds like it'll be better than my one considering how much you're spending on it. Also, you'd better bring your PC back at Christmas because you've made me want to watch Fught Club.

I forgot to tell you in my E-mails. I'm also giving you the uncut video for The Way I Am. I'll probably give you the CD when I see you on your Birthday because Dad forgot to tell me how to use The CD Writer before he went to Vienna.

Not bringing the PC back, I'm afraid. You'll just have to rent the video or something :o)

I dunno what guitar yet, but whatever it is, it'll kick ass. If I get a nice amp, I won't bother making it acoustic at all - electric all the way...

The CD isn't too urgent - I have The Kids (the uncut version) now. It's so good... Remember to bring MI3 with you too :o)

You're going on the march?

I'll keep an eye out for you then :-)

So if you see any strange fat people approaching :-)


I shall be with the super-human delegation from the University of Sussex. If you see our terror squad approaching, run :o)

I shall be with the tiny Orpington College Rebel faction. Tiny? Because the fucking bastard pomme de terre (excuse my French) Student Union are refusing us a coach into town. Great innit? A fight against student hardship, and we have to PAY. Grr.

Well, anyway, you should recognise me there by the placard I will be carrying. "Blunkett, with 3,000,000 votes (membership figure of the NUS) you ARE the Weakest Link GOODBYE". And I will also wear a T-Shirt I made myself. Which I havent made yet. Umm.

Oh yeah, and if its anything like last years (which was crap by all accounts, apart from the complete occupation of Waterloo Bridge!) you'll get a FREE can of Lilt. And if that aint incentive enough, a virtually free concert with Roni Size? Excellent. Or something.

If you made that Weakest Link banner, I am going to kill you. The reason being, the person I was with saw a banner matching that very description in the park afterwards, but I couldn't see it. That could well have been you...

is this post entirly designed to try annoy me, I swear by that film damnit :o)

Yes, but you don't get how it relates to me. Not like Rey did :o)

I get it, I just laugh at it too :oP

Sell your old on to me. :-)


That's barely enough for a decent set of strings (they do break you know) and a lead...... maybe a pick if you're lucky. Anyway, if you feel the need to spend a bit more - buy one of those gadgets to help you tune the bloody thing!

Your ever helpful father

I was always planning to get myself an electronic tuning helper thing :o)

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