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Right, presentation
Armed with but half a sheet of paper of notes, I am ready to give my 35 minute presentation. I'm comfortable enough with the material that all I need do is use that for my worked examples and to tell me what comes next - the actual talking all comes from my head, which means I can present it without having to check my notes every few seconds, or trying to work out what I meant by something.

In addition, I am kitted out in what I would refer to as being "confidence gear". By that, I mean I'm wearing my blue jeans, my American Outfitters grey t-shirt, and my aeropostale roll-neck. And my hair is done like in my userpic. In fact, that's more or less exactly how I look right now. Smelling of the same deoderant and aftershave I wore the whole time in America, I'm feeling a lot like I did when I was out there too. I'm giving this presentation as Jamie rather than James, and as such, I should be confident enough to pull it off well. If I don't, you'll hear about it :o)

Right, let's rock :o)

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35 mins is a long time. Good luck!

Good luck!

Or, if you are reading this after the presentation - hope it went well.

I sense a resurgance of stroke9 :o)

There are three Stroke 9 songs on my ten hour playlist - this is just fluke :o)

Heh good luck Jaems.

I have forgotten what its like to be nervous doing presentations as I do at least one a week now in my job. It starts to become fun after a while - unless the audience is an angry customer.

You have the right approach though - if you know your subject completely notes are not necessary at all. I haven't used notes in a presentation since Uni!

Good luck anyway!

The only problem was that I finished five minutes early, and decided to busk some material I was less comfortable with - remind me never to do that again :o)

James - never do that again! Instead fill the time with debate/questions! :0)

good luck!

don't worry, I have faith in your rambling skills ;o)

i r teh l33t r4mbl3r!

Ho hum. Blah :o)

Hey I'm Laura. One of my friends did one of your quizzes and I got your name from there.. don't ask, i'm bored out of my mind in school right now so I did a bunch of quizzes. But anyway, i think that you and me think a lot alike. and yes, i did read that rather long entry about the U.S. But anyway, the period is over but I just thought that we could talk sometime.. write back here if you want, or in my journal.. you know the link. Bye.. good luck on your speech today.. or you already did it.. well, i hope you did good lol. -Laura

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