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And now for some innuendo
[22:44:52] DMZ> grep | tail -1
[22:44:54] DMZ> heheheheh
[22:49:01] TMA> er..?
[22:49:15] TMA> Someone put some more money in DMZ, he's spurting jibberish again
[22:50:19] * Jamie|wr0k inserts coinage into DMZ
[22:54:59] * Jamie|wr0k performs an act of coinage on DMZ's slot
[22:55:18] * Jamie|wr0k pays DMZ to stop spurting

Similar suggestions will be welcomed.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: And now for some more Innuendo


Has everyone gone completely nuts?

No, only me, apparently - the rest of you are all quite sane, so I'm told ;o)

I refuse to troll this blatant reply.

You just want more illicit funding ;o)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DMZ has an LJ account - run away run away! :0)

What's it to you, fatboi?

Well to be honest ... absolutely nothing at all whatsoever - thankfully!

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