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Well, the computer is fixed... But for how long, eh?

Mel managed to work some sort of magic on it over the phone - yay Mel :o)

Now to try to stop it from breaking again. I have a list of things that kill it, and I'm not doing any of them.

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yay *grins*

tell me if it breaks again, I will make it work :)

it likes me *nods*

Heh, you did manage to fix it a second time - you must be magic :o)

I like how you talk about not killing the computer as though it's a goldfish.

Goldfish are easier - all you have to do is feed them, and make sure their tank is filtered.

With my computer, I have to avoid ever using my TV card, viewing according to Details in Windows Explorer, having too many browser windows open at once, logging in too fast, letting scandisk run a certain way, sticking any files into the many bad sectors on my hard disk that I can't flag.....

If it dies again though, the solution is the same as with a goldfish - flush it down the toilet and be done with it :o)

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