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Um, yes...
Well, just briefly... Purple hair. Yay. But not very noticeable, on account of it being very short and junk... Oh well. On Claire's advice, I shall now just bleach it, and come out with just the ends being white, with the rest of it being natural (once it's grown, that is). Then I can dye it, and the tips will be vivid purple, and the rest will be subtle. Dunno how that'll turn out, but it'll be fun to find out :o)

Watched Cold Feet last night. Well, the first one... Then I watched part of the second, but as everybody should know, it's very bad to watch two hours of TV in your room alone, so I went out to talk to the others instead. Yay. Fun evening of chatting and stuff.

Did my laundry this morning - the laundrette is empty at 9am on a Monday, for some reason... Wahey, clean clothes. And now, I'm off to my AI lecture. Ah, it's a hard life... :o)


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