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The stupid Lottery. I picked six numbers at complete random, just making a random pattern on the paper and without even looking at which numbers I was crossing off. Three of the numbers were "23", "26" and "32". People who don't understand the significance of those numbers need not concern themselves with it. I just find it odd, that's all.

Anyhow, the day is practically over, and I've done nothing but sleep and sit around for a bit. However, I have got a load of money together now (in 10p's), so I'll go to the shop to buy a few essentials. All the big stores are closed at 7pm on a Sunday (it is still Sunday, right?), so it'll be the 24/7 shop up the road. Ho hum.

I had a weird dream where I was in a musical with Caitlin, but the songs in it were those on my playlist. I love when my music infiltrates my dreams. We both had solos, because in the space of the dream, one of my songs came on in Winamp, and one of hers did. It was all good fun, anyway :o)

Right, well, time to go out purchasing stuff :o)


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