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Right, so I'm awake. The party last night was hilarious - you just had to be there, you really did :o)

A Life Less Ordinary is such a lovely movie. I have to watch it lots :o)

I'm talking in small discrete sentences. How odd.

Alex has gone home for a couple of days, so it's just me, Jimbo, Claire and Harry left for a bit. Ho hum...

Oh, and there's this, which I recorded and posted before, but not publicly:

Suckers for Self Destruction - Age Six Racer (1.36MB)
(generally recommended that you right click and select Save Target As)

It's really growing on me actually.

Enough disjointed nonsense now, okay.... :o)

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i know i have the song but i mean is it a new version?

No, old version :o)

woooooh, I am elite! I have it!

everyone bow down to me!


i think the caffeine hasn't worn off yet...

Or maybe its just the hyper-ness that I had rubbing off on you? :-)

That was really sweet dear. That's the first time I have actually heard that.

Glad you liked it :o)

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