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I hesitate to say that my computer is fixed, or even to suggest that it was I who fixed it. I just asked it nicely to work, and it graciously agreed. Let's hope that it stays this way :o)

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I asked my computer to do something once. It beeped at me and shut itself off.

Bastard thing.

Heh. My computer understands how much I love it and how important it is to me :o)

Let us not forget the good vibes I sent, hmmmmm? I like to think my vibes are good for something! :-)


yay for your computer working once again.. and that 5 mile walk.. jeebus.. i can only walk about 2miles within a day so i give you props for your will to make that walk *claps* :) heheh. ttyl byee.
~the random Lauren~

2 miles in a day? Good God, what are you? Some sort of Lisa Riley impersonator? No, wait, she could roll further than two miles given a previaling gradient. Seriously, I think most quadriplegic people could crawl further than that using only their tongue. Which begs the question... what is wrong with you ?

Re: kewl

well to answer your questions. yes 2 miles in a day. i am a motivated girl. lol No i am not a Lisa Riley impersonator let alone would i know who she was until you explained. And lol everything is wrong with me... actually i used to think it was a half a mile each way when i walked to my friends house... but later since i was oblivious.. my parents told me it was actually a mile walk both ways.. and i have been walking to her house around 2 times a week for the past 2 years so i am basically into the walking thing.
~the random Lauren~
ps necassarily i should write this in your journal but still i am like that so yea.

hahahahahaha Lisa Riley ... lol!

[21:15:12] *** Quit: Jamie ( (Risking a reboot)
[21:55:29] TMA> Oops

One risk too far :)

Yay for miracles

The last time I asked my computer to do something it electrocuted me. No kidding. I was used as the ground for my house. Excellent, eh? lol. Well I won't say anything, I don't want to jinx you.


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