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Okay, it finally happened
I knew it wouldn't take too much to finally push my bullshit computer over the edge, and now I've finally done it. And I'm not quite sure how.

"So how are you typing this?" I might imagine to hear you ask. Well, let me tell a little story... It starts a few weeks ago, when the slowdown on my computer was finally getting to me - having a My Documents folder of about 12gb wasn't good, since Windows seems to dedicate more resources to that folder than to others. So I moved everything around, and it suddenly got a lot faster. However, shortly after that, Scandisk stopped working. Every time my computer reset, Scandisk would launch, but only get to 85% before just stopping there for ages. Eventually, I stopped letting it run at all.

Anyhow, the other week, I had to reboot, and I tried to let Scandisk do its work. I left it going for about half an hour, and still only got up to 90%, so I gave up on it. It did, however, mention that it was searching for Crosslinked Clusters - it's never done that before, so I was slightly concerned.

Let's fast forward to today - so, I've nicked the VCR from the living room (I wonder if they've noticed yet), and plugged it into my TV card to watch A Life Less Ordinary. Suddenly, without warning, something happens to the TV card and the PC resets itself (I know this, because something flashed on the TV screen just a split second before the reset). No hassle, I think, and let the machine boot up again. Once I'm through the login box, my PC "finds" a TV card, and installs the relevant drivers for it. Odd. Subsequently, the TV card doesn't work, so I reboot again, after (perhaps prophetically) telling Caitlin that my computer is on the way out. How right I was.

After a few reboots, the TV card works. For about a minute. Then the PC resets itself again, only this time, before it gets to the login box on bootup, it resets again and boots in safe mode. I restart, and again, before the login box, it resets. Let's just say I've tried this a good few times, and it seems to be a problem that's not going away.

So I boot into DOS, which I love dearly, and would use all the time if I could just get online with it and use AIM. Running DOS' scandisk is much better than the weird version that runs during Windows startup, and it quickly informs me that one of my clusters is crosslinked. Three MP3s, my VCD rip of The Princess Bride, the news and mail databases in Turnpike, a load of temporary Internet files, and a shedload of other things are all on this crosslinked cluster. This explains all the things that have gone wrong with my PC, so I tell Scandisk to fix it, and it tells me it has.

So far so good. However, it then started checking the whole drive, and after fifteen minutes, it was only on 1%. I decided that, in the event of me not getting back online on it for a long while, I should probably let people know via this thing. So that's what I'm doing. So I walked from my house (towards the south end of Brighton) all the way to Uni, just to save me the expensive train fare. After all, if I can save £1.40 by walking five miles, why not, eh? :o)

(fucking moron that I am)

I don't especially want to walk home - it took me a long time (over an hour, anyway), and I was walking quickly. So I'll get a train home. But a return ticket only costs like 20p more than a single, so my actual saving is only 20p, and I had to walk five miles to get it. Um, does anybody want to retroactively sponsor me to have done that walk? Might make it more worth it...

Anyhow, I'm gonna go home shortly, and see if it's worked. I hope it has. Otherwise, I'm without a computer for the next week, until I go back to my parents' house.

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1. Get rid of Win 9x/Me.
2. Install Windows 2000.
3. Convert to NTFS.

I plan to, just as soon as I can

a) Backup what I've got on there right now (lots of important stuff, several CDs worth of irreplaceable things
b) Get some W2k install media

i could probably help you out there with win2k mate ;) hmm i'll text you the details... if you want :)

noooo! *cries*

you can't leave!

I dunno what you're complaining about - I can call you for free on my phone, and I will :o)

yay! *dances*

and you have to promise to phone to in Easter when you leave!
well even if you don't i will annoy you *nods*
whether you like it not :P


I had that happen to me.

Scandisk decided it didn't want to remember anything and so took hours and renamed all the file to DIR0001 DIR0002 etc..

Took me ages to fix :-/

That seems to be what it's doing with me - it keeps forgetting that it's already done all this stuff, so it does it again. I'll look out for temporary files when I get back.

As long as you come back

See? I told you I don't have a life. I spend all my time at school for the plays, then come home to this combination walk-in closet, dining room and bathroom. Sad isn't it? Of sourse it is. Anyways, I know what you mean about the computer on its way out. I had to get a new one not too long ago. As long as you come back. I need some entertainment beyond being groped everyday this week, even though that does have its high points.


(Deleted comment)
Fortunately, it survived just fine :o)

Well, ish. There's still a couple of problems, but they should be okay until I get home and reformat.

(Deleted comment)
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