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Happy Birthday to me!
OK, OK, not for another few weeks. But that hasn't stopped me from arsing around as though it's already my birthday. I celebrated by buying Fight Club and Blade Runner on DVD, because I felt like it. Obviously my funds are now on the critical list, but I can still cope - at least until my birthday, when I'd bloody well better get some money, or else I shall simply die. Literally. As in starve to my grisly death. Mmmm...

Anyway, we're having a party at the flat for the birthdays. I use the plural, because it's Claire's birthday on the 30th of November (i.e. the day before mine). So on the Thursday and Friday, we'll be doing stuff. One day is for going out, and one day is for having birthday "cake". To be honest, I think they're just using us as an excuse to eat drugs, but heck, nowt wrong with that, I guess... I shan't say any more on that subject though...

Another great thing for my birthday is that, with any luck, Becca will be coming to visit. Hooray. Now she gets to meet (and instantly hate, as per usual) all my (female) flatmates. Hopefully that'll be, like, a long stay - otherwise, it's probably not worth the money it'll cost to get here (although naturally I'll help her out with that if it's a lot). Then she can come out to Pizza Hut with myself and my family - hooray :o) Must e-mail her telling her how she'd get here, actually... :o)

So, back to the present... Went out last night, which was great fun. Then again, I've been drinking malibu and coke, which has the funny effect of making everybody think I'm gay. Oh well... They keep urging me to come out - it's the malibu, the yellow shirt (which I only wore, like, twice), and the fact that I enjoyed listening to Take That and Five last night. But come on, James liked them too, and he never gets called gay. Mind you, he's always draped around one of the females in the house - last night, just like Tuesday, it was Claire's turn - when Vicky's away, he seems to be unstoppable... Oh well...

We got back at about 11:20pm, and just sat around chatting and stuff until about 4am. During this time, I found the greatest CD ever - it's TV show themes. I now have the Dallas, Dynasty, Inspector Gadget and Quincy themes. But far more important than any of that crap is, of course, the theme to Knots Landing, now residing on my PC in MP3 format. Ah, I love that MP3 so much - perpetual loop still doesn't get it played enough for me... And, as far as I can tell, it's either one of the really late ones, or one of the really early ones. In other words, it's not the crap they put in at around Season 10 and kept for way too long... Hooray :o)

Anyhow, more later - off to do "stuff".


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