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Survey Time

In the last 24 hours, have you...
1. Had a serious talk with someone: Yes
2. Hugged someone: No
3. Gotten along well with your parents: Not spoken to them in the last 24 hours, so...
4. Fought with a friend: No

Do you like to...
1. Give hugs: Yes
2. Give back rubs: Yes
3. Take walks in the rain: Yes

1. You ever have that falling dream: Yes
2. What is on the walls of your room: Posters
3. When you chew gum, what kind: Mint
4. Do you use chap stick: Sometimes

In the last year have/did you...
1. Drink: A little ;o)
2. Smoke: Nope
3. Drugs: Nope
4. Have Sex: I rarely say
5. Made Out: Yes
6. Go on a date: Yes
8. Go to the mall: Yes
9. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No
10. Eaten sushi: No
11. Been on stage: Yes
12. Been dumped: Actually, no
13: Have someone be unfaithful to you: Repeatedly
14. Watched The Smurfs: No
15. Hiked a mountain: Yes
16. Made homemade cookies: No
17. Been in love: Yes

More stuff.
1. Are you popular: Certainly not unpopular
2. Are you pretty: No
4. What is your favorite word to say: Fuzzle
5. What is your favorite phrase: Bring it on
7. What song are you listening to: Moulin Rouge - Elephant Love Medley
8. What are you wearing: Wouldn't you like to know ;o) - black pants, black t-shirt, black socks, blue boxers

1. Cold or hot: Cold
2. Lace or satin: Satin
3. Blue or Red: Both - Purple :o)
4. New or old: New
5. Rain or snow: Snow
6. Give or receive: Give
7. Wool or cotton: Cotton
8. Rose or Daisy: Rose
9. Private school or public school: Public School = Private School in our counter-intuitive language, so...
10. Chocolate milk or plain milk: Chocolate
11. Celsius or Fahrenheit: Whichever, I can convert in my head because my job requires it at times
12. Spring or Fall: Fall, everything turns to pretty colors
13. Inny or outty: Inny
14. Now or then: Now
17. English or Math: English, despite my degree course
18. Bath or shower: Bath
19. Bedtime phrase: Private ;o)
20. Self-stick or lick: Self-Stick
21. Cursive or print: Cursive
22. Do you like surprises: Sometimes
23. Paranoid or Cautious: Cautious
24. Heights or Crowds: Both are fine
25. Half-full or half-empty: Half Full
26. Top or bottom: One after the other? ;o)
27. Do you/Would you dye your hair: Yes - 'tis blonde. And perhaps a bit blue.
28. Speeding or running red lights: Neither thanks
29. Gold or silver: Gold
30. Bad habits: Too many
31. Piercing: Right eyebrow, left ear
32. Erogenous Zone(s): All over the place, trust me
33. "Maybe" or "Mebbe": Maybe
35. What do you wish you'd done: Hmm... Right now, I'm good thanks
36. Fetish: I'll do anything I'm asked to ;o)
37. Do you have one of THOSE voices: Specify
38. Jammies or naked: Nekkid
39. Neurotic or psychotic: Vanilla
40. Do you talk to yourself: It has been known

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I like learning

I like learning about people. I like learning about you. I find you interesting and more amusing than anyone I know, except maybe for 2 people. So I need to go to bed, I haven't slept in days. Hope it's all good with you.


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