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This house is useless sometimes. We're practically out of toilet paper and electricity, and I know it's not my turn to deal with either. Still, I probably will, since we have about £1.50 left in the meter, and I don't fancy being plunged into darkness while the shops are closed for recharging. We've already used our emergency lot, so this really is it.

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I'm back yet again-I really need a life

I am back yet again, I really need a life. Anyways, I hope that you keep your electricity, lord knows I'm not sure what I could do without electricity besides take a nap (Which would make me so insanely happy) or go out. So I hope it's all good with you.


Er, explain how this electricity thing works?

Here, electricity is billed after the fact. If you don't pay for a few months, then they may threaten to cut you off.

Even better, if you're with powergen you can keep fobbing them off with excuses about dodgy readings until they finally go away and stop sending you bills altogether. Not that I'd try anything like that of course... *cough*

Here, we buy it in advance, and a meter counts down until we're out, where it promptly turns off. But that's only in our house - 99% of the country pays the same way you do :o)

is that just your region, or just you, or?

Just our house, seemingly :o)

the council estate i live in relies on card meters for electricity ::nods:: and my uncle in uttoxeter has a card meter but he owns his house..

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