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In the immortal words of The Doors - the time to hesitate is through
I'm guided by a force much greater than luck
I know this - that if I win this roll, I will save the place that I work from being sold, and the jobs of my friends that work there, thus striking a blow at all that is evil and making this world a better place to live in.... and I'll buy you guys a drink.
I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do

Very quotable movie.

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empire recordsssss

lucas is my hero...

"whats with you today? whats with today, today?"

"hey lucas man! i heard you like went to vegas and like married a mobsters wife and now you got like a hit on you and stuff, is that true? not entirely. well outlaw man, we salute you."

i will stop now...

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