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Well... Weather is fun
I like the weather. Which is odd, since the weather clearly has an objection to me. However, it's good. One minute, it's a beautiful sunny day, which in itself is really nice. Very summer-like. The next, it's dusk, and it's raining, and all the lights in the university are lighting up the undersides of the clouds. The whole thing is very Christmasy :o)

So, yesterday. Well, since updating, I went off to a boring Algebra and Geometry lecture (the one I missed last week to come home), which was, funnily enough, boring. Mice was extremely pissed off with it, getting really ratty with every little thing the lecturer did. Wish I had her tolerance(!)...

Oh, while I'm on that subject, I get cross at people criticizing me. They criticize the fact that sometimes I don't act tolerant enough of others. I wish people would realise that it's only fair to judge others' actions based on an individual level, taking into account all relevant factors. It's all relative. Compared to how I generally think of other people, I'm far more tolerant than any of them - the fact that I put up with the amount of crap that gets chucked at me on a regular basis (generally when her royal highness throws another hissy fit at something trivial) should be more than enough. Ho hum...

Anyway, we got back from the lecture, and the weather was nice. So I invited Harry out for a run. She was going out to a club last night with Nick (new potential guy), so she didn't want to have to run, get sweaty, take a shower, and have frizzy hair. So instead, we decided to go on a walk. We invited Alex and Mice along too, and walked up to Stanmer. It's a little village on the other side of the hill, which you get to by going down to the sports centre, and then around the hill and along a road. It's really nice there, actually - nice church, nice trees, nice farms, nice duck pond... Alex and Mice kept on vanishing, which was their attempt to subtly give Harry and myself time alone together - it turns out that in their quest to find me a nice girl, they elected not to cast the net too far. Not that there's owt wrong with Harry - but it's downright laziness that they didn't go out and try to find somebody who a) doesn't live with me and b) was that very night going out with some guy. Yeesh, come on...

Anyway, we got to Stanmer, and it was very nice. Then it started raining. That was less nice, since we were a good mile or two from the flat. Thankfully, it held off just long enough for us to get back (with more disappearing acts from Mice and Alex)... Anyhow, so we got back, and I went to my room for a little lie down (as I seem to do quite often lately). Watched a bit of TV and stuff, then went back out to chat and play Jenga and such. Later on, Ebs, Alex and Mice all went to East Slope Bar and The Grape Vine, while I watched the quality TV shows that are on on a Friday night - Have I Got News For You, Trigger Happy TV, Frasier, So Graham Norton, Big Brother rerun... Have to say, I almost shat myself laughing at the bit towards the end of HIGNFY when somebody did a wonderful impression of George Dubya, saying something akin to "But mah brother Jeb said this wuz a done dee-ul!"... Damn, that was good.

Trigger Happy TV was also very good, actually. A few bits of that seriously had me screaming with laughter - it'd be pointless me trying to explain, you'd just have to watch it. Anyhow, after all that TV, I decided to play a couple of quick games of UT, and then go to bed. So I did. Slept like a -ing baby... Finally woke up at 2:45pm. Hooray for long sleep... I had a load of really really weird dreams last night, and thanks to the fact that my MP3s were playing, I managed to date them, as it were. I know that one of them happened at 12:43pm, because in it I remarked that the Goo Goo Dolls were playing on the radio, followed by Oasis, followed by more Goo Goo Dolls. I could pinpoint that place in my MP3 playlist, and thus find out when they were on. The dreams were actually kind of odd... In that, they were like really odd - the sort of dreams that make you act funny for days afterwards... Not those dreams, though - you kids are sick. Get out of here...

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god help us, your getting old :o)

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