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Ugh, I woke up this morning looking so rough. My whole face was puffy and red, my eyes were bloodshot, it looked like I'd been crying, and once you saw how my hair looked this morning, you could imagine why that might have been. Oh well :o)

Downloaded Empire Records overnight - I have to say, it's become a lot better in the few years its been since I last saw it. I love that movie. Oh, and amusingly, Joe is played by the guy who plays Daphne's drunken brother Simon in Frasier. Well, it amused me, at least.

I'm not feeling talkative right now - how uncharacteristic :o)

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you dont know me, i dont mind it.

I love that movie, Empire Records..Lucas is soooo funny..I also saw your music, Our Lady Peace >>very nice, very nice!

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