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Ahh... Sometimes it's nice to stick Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D on the computer, grab my keyboard, close my eyes, and just let the notes flow. I don't play the actual music - that's just a matter of learning which note goes where, and that's no fun. I just use that as a basis for doing my own stuff (which isn't so good, but you know, it's a start). It's fun to just let my fingers run across the keys without worrying about exactly what they're playing, and it sounds not entirely bad, so... :o)

Anyhow, another lazy day - working on coursework and stuff, I expect :o\

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Anyhow, another lazy day - working on coursework and stuff, I expect :o\

Why do I suspect that that won't be the case? :-P

Every day the first thing on my list is "Do work". Never do. Heh.

Heh... Yeah, but the point is, I'm on-hand, in case coursework takes place. If it happens, I'll be ready for it :o)

Preparation is definately a good thing (tm).

I'd still watch out for the work though, it has a habit of surprising you when you aren't looking.

I wonder if your still going to update your lj when you're bigger then Lennon, mr musicman?

Ha... I rather suck, so there's no fear of that happening any time soon :o)

You're not THAT bad. I mean, the stuff you do is vaguely listenable


Woz tapes his sides back up and wipes the tears from his eyes! ;0)

Hmmm, Woz are you insinuating that James is not the next John Lennon?!? *jaw on floor in shock*

Apparently. And, shockingly, he's not the only person to have done so :o)


John Lennon had to start somewhere! Joking aside even JOhn Lennon had to start somewhere and you have to take your hat off to James guts at posting his efforts up for possible ridicule (especially as he knows me, and others on LJ, all too well).

Yes - subjecting myself to yours and TMA's opinions takes a lot of guts, trust me ;o)


Well at least I speak from a semi informed point of view! In musical terms anyway!

[insert TMA retort here]


YAY! you downloaded the acoustic versio of 1979 :)

About five seconds after you told me to :o)

Now download Drown! :0P

James, James, James

Well, I'm glad you found your wallet, even though it's such a problem about all your cash. I'm glad you seem to be doing well with your music, which I like by the way, and everything seems to be going generally well. And I have an MRI for my back, which I've now either slipped a disc or shattered a few of them. So, I hope it's all good with you, whether you have carpet or not.


P.S.-You look nice in the most recent picture, lord knows it's better than me, I look like hell came in my room in the morning and yakked all over me. So, comparitively, you look excellent. No worries.

You look really damn familiar. Where do you live? Ah, you have to have the Smashing Pumpkins

I live in Brighton, England.

lookin at all the other posts i know mine's going nowhere and maybe uncalled for but canon in d is one of the nicest pieces i've ever come across and i love it
as compared to some other morons who simply ask "pache-who?" and "canon in WHAT??", it's a fine, fresh change to see someone log this online knowing what the hell this piece is.
have a kickass week ahead.
i'm juz gonna be lookin forward to this fri, as always.

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