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Oh, because I love surveys...

01. Full Name: James David Webley
02. Nicknames: Jamie/Jimmy/Jim/Jimbi/Jimbo
03. Were You Named After Anyone: Not to my recollection
04. Birth Date: 01/12/81
05. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
06. Where Were You Born?: Oxford J.R.
07. Location: Brighton, England
08. School: University of Sussex
09. Mascot: A bunny rabbit with sharp pointy teeth!
10.Grade: Junior in College
11. Gpa: Equivalent to 4.0
12. Height: 6'2"
13. Weight: 160lbs
14. Eye Color: Sparkly Blue
15. Hair Color: Blue/Blonde/Brown
16. E-Mail Address:
17. Siblings: Ed and Anna
18. Last Movie You Saw In The Theater: Ocean's Eleven
19. Least Favorite Subject: Maths and Artificial Intelligence? :o)
20. Last Movie You Bought: The Emperor's New Groove
21. Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yes
22. Do You Have A Crush?: See above
23. Is He Or She Good Looking?: Beautiful :o)
24. Most irritating friend: DMZ
25. Coolest Friend: TMA, but not in the conventional sense
26. Nicest Friend: David or Shanu
27. Hottest Friend: Vicky
28. How Long Are You In The Shower?: Half an hour
29. Guys With Or Without Hats: I have a hat
30. Girls With Or Without Make-Up: Whatever they need to feel comfortable with themselves
31. How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready For School In The Morning?: I've not been in weeks, do the math
32. Best Feeling In The World: Love
33. Worst Feeling In The World: Getting cheated on
34. Who Do You Hate?: Telephone companies, among others
35. What Makes You Angry? See above
36. Who was the last person you kissed: It's actually something of a secret, so :oP
37. Who Do You Want To Meet: Chris Barrie
38. Who Do You Miss: Caitlin :o)
39. Who Have You Liked Forever: Harrison Ford
40. Who Do You Want To Become Closer With: Mel
41. Who Holds Your Heart: Caitlin
42. Who Would You Like To Marry: *insert Why is there all this pressure suddenly?! response here for comedic effect*
43. What Are Your Future Son's Names: David or Stephen (could be middle names, mind)
44. Your Future Daughter's Names: Elizabeth (again, middle name rather than first)
45. Do You Eat The Stems Of Broccoli?: I don't eat a single vegetable
46. If You Could Be Someone Of the opposite sex, Who Would You Be: Pass
47. What's On The Walls In Your Room: My movie and TV posters
48. Been On A Plane: Frequently
49. Went Swimming In The Ocean: Yes
50. Swam In A Lake: Yes
51. Peed In A Ocean: Yes
52. Peed In A Lake: No
53. Peed In A Pool: Not to my recollection
54. Cheated On A Test: Probably
55. Let A Friend Cry On Your Shoulder: Yes
56. Fell Asleep While Eating: No
57. Gone To Church: Yes, but never again
58. Climbed A Tree: Yes
59. Watched Dawson's Creek: Yes, I love it
60. Went To A Concert, If So, Which Ones?: Lots... REM, Everclear, Muse, Sum 41, Lifehouse, Semisonic...
61. Gone Tubing: No
62. Gone Skateboarding: Yes
63. Fell Asleep During A Scary Movie: Yes
64. Been In Love: Yes
65. Skipped School: Yes
66. Lied To Someone: Yes
67. Stole From Someone: Probably not
68. Gone Outside In Your P.J.'S: Yes. Hell, I've gone outside nekkid and danced nude around a camp fire in the woods...
69. Had Sex: Yes
7o. Been Drunk: Yes
71. Passed Out: Yes
72. Smoked Cigrattes: No
73. Done Any Kind Of Drug: Yes
74. Wanted To Hook Up With A Friend: Yes
75. Gone All Night Without Sleep: Yes
76. Went To Camp: No
77. Have A Camp: No
78. Played Soccer: Yes
79. Been To a Major League Baseball Game: No
80. Saw a Pro Basketball Game: No
81. Been To A NFL Game: No
82. Sat In A Restaurant Without Ordering Anything: No
83. Eaten Sushi: No
84. Eaten Fish: No
85. Watched Dirty Dancing: Yes
86. Met The President: No
87. Driven A Car: Yes
88. Didn't Wash Your Hair For a Week: When it's a No 2 crop, it makes little difference
89. Got Stitches: Yes
90. Broken Something: Yes
91. Thought About Suicide: Yes
92. Tried To Commit Suicide: No
93. Used Your Parents Credit Card: Yes
94. Been Scared Of Getting Shot: Yes
95. Gotten a Cavity: No
96. Saw Someone Die: No
97. Cried So Long And Hard You Couldn't Stop Shaking: Yes
98. Got In A Fist Fight: Yes
99 Punched Someone For No Reason: Yes
100. Thought You Were In Love: Yes
101. Stayed Online Till 4 In The Morning: Yes
102. Made Prank Phone Calls: Yes
103. Called Someone You Liked, But Hung Up: Yes
104. Hated Someone For No Reason: Yes
105. Caught a Fish: No
106. Snuck Out Of Your House: Yes
107. Been Hurt By A Guy/Girl You Liked: Yes
108. Moved: Yes
109. Killed Someone: Y^H No
110. Smoked In School: No
111. Been Scared Enough To Pee In Your Pants: No
112. Been Stabbed In The Back By A "Friend": Yes

Whats Your Favorite:

Music Artists: The Ataris
Slow Song: Lifehouse - Everything
Friend To Hang With: Jimbo or Shanu
Person To Shop With: Vicky
Person To Talk To About The Opposite Sex: Vicky
Person To Talk To About Life: Myself

What Do You Think Of...

Teenage Smoking: No thanks
Homosexuals: Cool
Premarital Sex: Bring it on
(note: Kez, this would have been my answer even if you hadn't said it :o)
Driving Drunk: Killed my friend Jason when I was 14 - guess
Doing Drugs: Fine if done right
Marilyn Manson: I like his cover of Tainted Love
Guy Groups: No thanks
Death: Sucks
Love At First Sight: Absolutely

Which Is Better?

Coke Or Pepsi: Coke
Lake Or Ocean: Ocean
Tv Or Radio: TV
Silver Or Gold: Gold
Going To The Movies Or Renting A Movie: Downloading one - cheaper
Bsb Or Nsync: Um, no.
Hot Or Cold: Cold, gives you an excuse to get warm ;o)
Nice Or Mean: A balance between them
Jock Or Nerd: Both have their merits
Drop Dead Gorgeous Or Just Good Looking: Either is fine by me
Hugs Or Kisses: Both
Hockey Or Football: Football
Carnival Or Amusement Park: The bastard combination of the two that is Coney Island
Britney Or Christina: Die
Smoker Or Non-Smoker: Non
Night Or Day: Night

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Sorry. But I just want to tell you that you're damn sexy.

I'm sure you get that everyday. ;]

Sorry I invaded on your journal.

Thanks, it's no hassle, really :o)

Sorry. But I just want to tell you that you're damn sexy.

I'm sure you get that everyday. ;]

Sorry I invaded on your journal.


ur fun-e

can i habe ur otograf?



yo wanna go 2 da pub sumtiem secksi?! i'm hoem in a weak & a bit!!

You guys are awful.

I love it.

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