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Hmph. Well, I have my wallet back (the DJ announced it and my flatmates picked it up), but (predictably) all the cash was gone. This way I don't have to cancel my cards, but I'm down by a significant sum of money (more than I had previously thought by about fifty quid, on closer recollection of my transactions of late). So I'm still screwed. But I'm a screwed man with a wallet. Yay, I think. Hmph.

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Awww you poor thing ::petpet:: =/

im sorry to hear about that at least ur have ur wallet back with all ur cards and identification

He does? Wow how did you work that out?

[me hopes for an answer on this] ;0)

(Deleted comment)
Stupid? When one needs one's bank cards to get money out on the way to clubs, and needs one's identification on them to get into said clubs, it's difficult to safeguard against the possibility. It was in a deep pocket, and was pretty secure so it couldn't fall out.

And it has cost me about €100 or so, which is not a good thing.

you're incredibly handsome

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Oooh they're getting older ... maybe you should do another quiz so we can sample the ages over again!

That's really okay.

You know you're just jealous ;o)

Hahahahaha, I hope you're joking!

You wish you had this attention - that's why you're being so sarcy :o)

I do hope you're not serious!!

They're schoolgirls ffs ... I think you forget my age James!

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