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There is good news, and bad news
The bad news is that while at the club, I either lost, or had stolen from me, my wallet. Contained within, the money I'm meant to be buying my food with for the rest of the term, my bank cards, credit cards, student ID, young person's railcard, national insurance card, EB loyalty card, library card, a few sentimental things from the summer... I searched the club for it and asked at the desk, but to no avail, so I came home to wallow in self pity. It might not have been nicked - I was moshing to System of a Down quite, uh, vigorously, and then skanked along to some ska punk, which could have resulted in it leaving my person.

On the up side, my credit cards and bank cards are all maxed out - nobody could get anything from them anyway (although I'll still cancel them tomorrow). On the down side, all the money that was on them was in the wallet. I will have to find some sort of emergency borrowing-from-friends thing, or else I'll starve - I only have a couple of things in the way of food here. I'm screwed. As a certain cartoon character might say - YAY, WE'RE DOOMED!

Oh well, you know what the boys from Monty Python say.... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

The good news is that, as far as I'm aware, I'm now officially the bassist in a punk covers band. "But James, you don't play bass", you might say. Well, while strictly true, I learned bass before I learned a lot of my regular guitar stuff. I was playing Blink 182 and Everclear bass like a year ago. And I've always kept an eye on things, learned a few more bass parts, that sort of thing... So you know, I can do it, if I try, and I can learn and get better.

So yeah, I'm now the bassist in Shanu's band (called Protoband because they can't come up with a real name), which is damned cool. Time to either buy a bass, or buy Anna's off her with a bit of money, plus my keyboard (thus cheaper in the long run). I'll probably have to buy one though. Well, since I'm getting money from work, and I need to have a goal for the end of it that I can aim for to keep myself going, a bass guitar it shall be.

Overall, my night was good, just because of the band thing. It gives me something to really do, and work for. Sod my wallet, I can find another (even though it had special sentimental value for reasons I won't get into right now).

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glad you got your wallet back. :)

but we're not a punk covers band dammit! :P

As am I - shame about the wad of money. I had thought I'd taken some money out of it and left it here, but turns out, all my money was in there, so.... :o\

You bloody are and you know it :o)

Write some original material, and present it in a non-punk way, and I'll change my mind :o)

oh, crap! so you lost quite a lot then? :/

but we are so not. :P hardly any of my lyrics are punk, and i'm the only one doing lyrics for us, and of the two protosongs we have, one is ska and the other is psychedelic/stoner (but sadly also quite dull, although it did heal rob).

Yes. But my parents have kindly bailed me out, so I'll live :o)

And okay, yeah, your lyrics aren't. Rock group it is then :o)

If you can play the guitar you can play the bass! Its not hard to work out!

I'm really pleased to hear you got your wallet back, and really bummed about you losing the cash (and no, I don't think we've ever met, I just did the "random" think in LJ and your site came up)

I went clubbing on Saturday for the first time in years and thought I was being paranoid when, before I left, I stripped everything out of my wallet except one debit card, one credit card and a few blank business cards to write phone numbers on, plus about 30 quid for drink/food/admission. I was lucky and didn't lose the wallet but now I find I was in some sort of karmic resonance with you (or just being paranoid!)

Weird coincidence 0.2 (since the first only counts as a 0.1 since I didn't lose the wallet), having bought a bass near the end of last year and left it sitting in its case in the corner ever since, this last 10 days has had me playing it every day (including some Blink 182 etc.) and yes, I do play guitar mostly and while some stuff carries across (hmmm, looks like an Em chord so that will probably work... sort of thing) playing "chords" on a bass (particularly this 5 string monster) is knackering my left forearm!

Hope that the cash was the only thing that went (I had a wallet nicked in Paris once, but luckily it was my "travel" wallet (just cash and receipts) and the "card" wallet was safely tucked away in a different zipped pocket) but I've lost a wallet before (the cards were never used so I'm assuming it really did get lost) and it had all sorts of sentimental crap in it which I can never replace ... so now I try not to carry anything that I don't have backed up in some way (even if only in a photograph on the digital camera)

have fun with the band and let us know when you're gigging ...

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