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Scary Jinx Moments, Volume IV
Am I the only person in the world who feels guilty keeping money they just find on the floor?

[19:26:57] Jamie> So I gave it to them
[19:27:10] TMA> *them* ?
[19:27:14] Jamie> The shop people
[19:27:19] TMA> In exchange for goods or services I hope
[19:27:19] Jamie> Not in exchange for goods and/or services

(note timestamp)

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I'd probably do the same thing, given that cameras are everywhere in shops.

i'm dumb enough to hand money in too :-/ i coulda madea tenner one day but i didn't...apparently i'm silly meh nevermind i would not have felt right keepin it!

Freakyness in a Cage

Nope.. your not the only one.. i would have done the same in most cases. And that is a freaky jinx.. hehh you replied to what he was just thinking almost a second before he entere it.. i havent done that in a while.. although my friend and i jinxed ourselves today.. we were sitting across from each other, being bored, and made the exact same weird noise at the exact time.. it was a good laugh. And btw.. go back to recording! lol... listening to the other 2 songs over and over is dieing.. well not really but still! your good at making the songs.. and i like your voice :)..alot... kay well i must go..
~the random Lauren~

Re: Freakyness in a Cage

yay thankyou! *gives ya a huge hug* hehh i like it.. of course i like all of them ::Shrugs:: just one of those things i suppose. :)..Thanx!
~the random Lauren~

I found those comments eerie. Is there a hint of collective consciousness there, or what?

I am TMA of James. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is... kinky...

Mmm... kinky...

We are one :o)

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