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Got my DVD of Moulin Rouge today. It's great being able to just skip to all the songs, and have them in super quality. Plus, the interviews and stuff are cool. Why is it that I never actually knew that Nicole Kidman was Australian before? It just seems really weird that I'd never come across that fact - partly, I guess, because I missed all the media coverage that Moulin Rouge got when it came out in the cinemas, owing to it being a reminder of a lot of things I wanted to forget.

*lapses into an Australian accent for a bit*

Anyway, not that you can tell I'm talking in an Australian accent, just trust that I am, and that it's a good one. Besides a Yorkshire accent, this is the one I find easiest, and it's been known for me to slip into it accidentally before (which sucks). But no, TMA, I don't sound like this most of the time.

Um, I had a point. No, really, I did. But I can't remember it, so it's back to sleep I go...

Oh, randomly, something pissed me off earlier - I went to make toast, and I bought a new loaf of bread yesterday, so I just reached into my cupboard and grabbed it, and the whole lot fell on the floor. Seems somebody had eaten some last night and not sealed it or anything, so when I came to grab what I believed to be a still-sealed loaf of bread, I managed to spill it everywhere. This just a couple of minutes after coming back from shopping - it was somewhat vexing really... :o\

But I'm feeling better now, although a little tone deaf :o)

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Why is it that I never actually knew that Nicole Kidman was Australian before?

Hugh Grant comes from England as well, just so you don't get confused.

Bite my ass Dan :oP

Anyhow, Nicole Kidman never played an Australian in anything I saw her in, and I don't see many interviews, so.....

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