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Ho ho ho...
People on my friends list, please log in and refresh my journal - I have pictures of David and Scott craftily stolen from LiveJournal's database... Bwahahaha, and similarly evil expressions of laughter. And stuff.

Anyway, it's Friday. That's totally lost all meaning since I came here - weekends aren't so special any more. The reason being, I spend about 3 hours out of the house every day - when you think about it, a weekend is barely an improvement on that. Oh well...

So, last night, had lots of fun - I've discovered that I really like badminton. I may go into town and buy myself a racket (save having to spend money on renting one every single bleeding time). The results from the doubles games last night are:

Me and James beat Claire and Harry
Me and Harry beat Claire and James
Claire and James beat Me and Harry
Me and Harry beat Claire and James
Me and Harry beat James (in a friendly, though)

Note the number of times I won. I feel well proud. Unfortunately, as was true before, when playing badminton I'm not the best person to play doubles with - i.e. I can get from one side of the court to the other very quickly, and as such tend to go for every single shot, usually with a quick shouted "Sorry!" just before I get it. Oh well, it's not my fault - I blame the parents... Somehow... Must be my upbringing which makes me so competitive, and in turn, leads to me falling down quite a lot... Oh well...

When we got back to the flat, we made fairy cakes (which were really really really good), and played some Jenga. The Jenga wasn't much fun, in that our table shakes a lot - not so easy to play. Oh well... Then we took the Jenga pieces and played domino games instead - yay. We tried to get them going down the steps, but it didn't entirely 100% exactly work right. Oh well. Then we used them to kill some dinosaurs, and all was good again.

Anyway, I have a workshop now, then it'll be back to the flat for some food. I've still got half my bolognese left to eat, so yum yum yum I'll have that or something... Blah... Um, I no longer have much hair, did I say? Most of it is now gone - hooray. Still not dyed purple, but I have the dye, and I'm just waiting until my hair gets long enough that you can't see my scalp through it - otherwise people will see me with a purple scalp, and nobody wants that. Anyhow, I liked when my hair was blue, and I really should have kept that, but I was just worried that I'd give the wrong impression when I arrived. Ho hum. Perhaps it'll stay purple from now on - hooray.

Ack, just looked at the time - I'm already late for my workshop. For some reason, the workshops are compulsary (yet all I do is sit around and chat), whereas the lectures are optional (where all I do is sit around and get taught the vital material for my degree course). How silly, eh? I don't think I'll go - I've done the questions for it (integration, ugh), so it's not like I have a reason to turn up, but to be told when they're due in (11am on Monday). Bah. Um... Ho hum. More in a bit - I'm off to do some more surfing...

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It appears I am not your friend :-)

Parents - strangle them at birth

"Oh well, it's not my fault - I blame the parents... Somehow... Must be my upbringing which makes me so competitive"

Totally agree, bloody parents have a lot to answer for.... oh! hang on - I'm one of your parents................

Parents, what wonderful, misunderstood, misrepresented, unappreciated (making all those sacrifices), super people (except mine who really do have a lot to answer for .

OOPS! Forgot something


Re: OOPS! Forgot something

I am suspekting someting

Re: OOPS! Forgot something

Oh God... Not Uwe again!!

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