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You know, I think I forgot to say this before, but Ebs is coming to see us tonight. Ebs as in the other guy that Jimbo and I lived with last year, who went back to Germany at the end of the year. Anyhow, yeah, he's coming to visit for a few days, which will be very cool. And, despite the fact that he's straight and gets loads of girls when he wants to, I'll bet he still totally wants my ass ;o)

Uh, let me explain. A little over a year ago, when I was... well... how shall I put this... whoring myself on the Internet taking naked pictures of myself, for want of a better explanation (although the more full explanation makes me look less of a slut), he found out about this, and actually climbed out of Claire's window, along the roof, and to my window, just to look through to see me getting nekkid on the webcam. Then there's the time when photos were being taken of us, so I made a weird face while he made like he was licking my ass or something. Let's not get into details.

Suffice it to say that the two of us had a great time pretending to be ever so slightly gay. When you're just three guys in a flat with eight girls, it's kinda okay to do that sort of stuff because you're so secure in your whole heterosexuality anyway. Plus, some of the girls seemed to enjoy the idea (ick), so there we go. But anyhow, yeah, Ebs is coming to stay today, which is cool - I've not seen him since like June, so it'll be great.

Heh, I've been reminded of Brighton in Brooklyn, NY. That was one damned cool place - Brooklyn's Brighton Beach is better than our Brighton Beach, it's all sandy and cool and stuff... And like the area around there has all these Russian shops, which were so cool. Me, Liz, Cathy and Auntie Barbara were all driving around there, and I was reading all the signs in Russian and stuff and translating what the shops were (I mean, when they read "Magazine" and "Gastronom" phonetically, it's not hard to work out what the translation is), which seemed to impress them. If only they knew how rather easy it was :o)

Anyhow, plan for today is to finish washing my clothes, and get a haircut. I may or may not then dye my hair blonde - it will be done, but I dunno if I'll do it today or not. We'll see...

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lol @ "Brooklyn's Brighton Beach is better than our Brighton Beach, it's all sandy and cool and stuff"

does your beach not have sand then?!

and dammit, why can't I live near a beach? that is so unfair

Ours has pebbles. But it's good, because I can just walk down there any time I like, day or night, and just sit on it looking at the sea, so that makes up for it not being sandy.

That must be so cool. If I lived near a beach like that, I would so go and sit down there at night, just thinking. I do that outside sometimes, but, I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere.. its not the same. And its scary.. looks like the Blair Witch Project or something.. :-/


I often go down to the beach at like 4am and just sit there thinking and stuff. I love it :o)

I would *so* take advantage of having a beach near me..

damn, you're lucky :)

My mum has a flat at Broadstairs, and I go and do that there sometimes.. its a completely deserted beach, really quiet and relaxing. Though its bloody freezing (last time I did it was about November at 2am!!) Just sat out there for a couple of hours lying on the beach looking up.

Anyway, I'll quit moaning now, lol

It's good to see a man be so confident in his sexuality. That's a rare thing.


hmm nude pictures.. of you... i can only imagine the booty.. uhm i mean beauty hehh. Well yea.. personally it sound good to me but w/e.. suppose that was a last year thing. And most girls like gayness... we are for it as long as we dont make ourselves feel too bad that the guys are gay and cant be had. hmm and hopefully your hair turns out as planned yet again. ttyl
~the random Lauren~


i miss talking to u on aim...please unblock me...i was just tired that one day..please i want to talk to u so badly..well please unblock..


Um... no? Sod off.

The female psyche explained...

Girls are atracted to gay men because they are often incredibly attractive, carry on excellent conversation, are really clean/smell fabulous, and best of all they don't pressure you for sex but they do enjoy displaying affection like hugging and cuddling their girlfriends - emphasis on the 'friends.'
The actual thought of gay men together is not appealing to the majority of women.
Now question back to you, why do men find lesbians so attractive?

Excuse poor drunken explanation

Because straight porn has a person with a man's face, and a penis. No (straight) guy wants to see that. So if it's lesbian porn, then there's nothing male (and unattractive) in the whole thing. I mean, take (for example) a girl going down on another girl - you have the sexual stuff, and the pretty girl's face there too. It's all good. Or something.

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation

Well i think that explanation is basically true for guys... makes you wonder why girls dont like the gay guy thing like guys like the lezbian thing, ya know?
~the random Lauren~

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation

Because females prefer affection whereas males prefer sex, and gay porn is about sex, not affection. This is all a generalization, but it's more or less what it boils down to.

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation

Hmm, I'm female but I find myself more excited by sex than by affection in movies, especially if it is slightly taboo ;-) - but not so taboo as two guys ass pounding each other

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation

Well, as I said, only a generalization. Of course, I could be totally wrong anyway...

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation

Well I know of a good few girls who get off on the idea of two guys having sex, so.....

Re: Excuse poor drunken explanation


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