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Bad Hair Week
Yes, so, I thought I'd let you all know what I managed to do to my hair...

This is why I want to get it cut off. As much as is needed so that it's just dark hair left, so I can peroxide it again.

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Hmm why not just be natural?

I like being blonde much more

I think you look very nice as a blond.. :)

Blonde definitely suits you a lot ... it's definitely 'interesting' right now, mind you. 8-)


Hmmm.. it isnt really blue.. just more hints of blue all mixed with blonde.. so it looks ..different. Still, there is much blonde so yea. See i'm the weird type of person that would like it *is ashamed of herself* lol.. kay well byee..
The random Lauren~

it's not *that* bad...


Hey, you don't know me, but I think that you are hott, and your hair looks great> Might just be me, but IDK what you're saying looks so bad. I think your hair is ~sexy~ and so are you. *<3, Nicole*

Well thanks, it's nice of you to say so :o)

I thought you said it was *bad*

I would call a hair disaster when my ex bleached his hair, then dyed it purple. After a few weeks the purple started coming out and it ended up being patches of blonde, orange, pink, purple, grey, brown.. lol

was awful (at least I thought it was).

that's not bad, now quit moaning :P

and btw, Rock Tonic Juice Magic is an *amazing* song :) Yaaaay! Do you like Saves The Day a lot?

It is bad... The picture just doesn't illustrate it quite right

If I had a face like that I'd be ashamed to walk around in public.
Oh, and the hair's not great either.

I don't see fourteen year olds bashing your door down..... ;o)

Excuse me.... (Anonymous) Expand
Why don't you just dye your roots?


Can you not see the piece-of-shit blue dye that's on the rest of it? It all needs to go blonde, and it's too much hassle dying the roots for a certain time, and dying the rest of it to get rid of the blue, and... blah. It's much easier to just cut off the formerly-blonde-now-blue bits and dye what's left.

Plus, dying roots is really rather tricky with my hair, since I would have to do the whole thing, rather than just dying the visible roots (all my roots are visible, unlike girls' a lot of the time)

yet another jaime fan...

guys get jealous of other guys when one looks better than the other. dont get mad because jaime is cuter than you. :-p

p.s-jaime seems real modest when all these girls give him complements. is this modesty fake or real eh?

Re: yet another jaime fan...


Um, thanks, I guess. And the modesty is real enough, although it's mixed with a suitable amount of disbelief in what you're actually saying ;o)

I found your lj via somebodies friend's page. In your user picture your hair looks to be a darker blonde, but in that picture it appears to be a white blonde. But then again it could just be the lighting. But the blonde color does suit you well.

Sorry to have bothered you ^_^

It's just the effect of the lighting, and the blue hair dye taking out a lot of the yellow-ness, turning it nearer to grey, which is inevitably going to look whiter...

I'm going to throw my $0.02 in here and say that I also hate Jamie for being a million times better looking than I.

And no, that isn't my photo at left... a $1 reward (payable via PayPal) to the first person to post the name belonging to that picture :-)


Re: You suck, Jamie

It is of course the man himself, Ben Folds.

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