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I am defeated
You have all been spared - I have finally run out of rationalisation to excuse the fact that I'm just not especially good at this music game (despite what a couple of dissenting lunatics might claim), so I think I'll give the recording a bit of a rest for now. No more songs. There's just not all that much that I can really play (you'd be surprised how few 150 is when you're trying to think of one to record), and even fewer that I can sing anything like reasonably. So that's it.

In other news, Jimbo and I rearranged the living room earlier, only to put it all back again because it looked stupid, and didn't work. Waste of time? I think so. But then I had another of my special variant grilled cheese sandwiches with pepperoni and sausage, which was nice :o)

Bah, I've become boring. I'm going to hide in a corner now, thanks :o)

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Ahhh no.. dont give up on the recording.. *is one of those dissenting lunatics*(lol) Personally.. i like your singing alot and,to me, the recordings come out really well.. so go and be good at recording *shakes hand at you* go. Kay.. well the rearranging of your living room hmm was good for random excercise lol so it wasnt a total waste if you think about it. :) And yay for the grilled cheese sandwich... one thing i have never thought of.. that actually sounds really good hehh. Well Ttyl..
~I'm Out~
The Random Lauren hehh

BAH. How dare you question my sanity? Record more or else.

You never leave comments on my journal any more...... ;o)

I do sometimes

Bah, I've become boring

......Restrains himself from commenting

I blame my upbringing

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