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Anyhow, not much has happened since last I bothered with this thing. Recorded some more songs, as one does...

Suckers for Self Destruction - San Dimas High School Football Rules (2.96MB)
(generally recommended that you right click and select Save Target As)

Hmm.... well, I like it, anyway...

Now all that remains is to record the other songs (Savage Garden and Smashing Pumpkins) tomorrow or something... Oh, and some Blink stuff - I can do lots of Blink stuff. Ah, I'm having fun with this :o)

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I like it as well :) tis loverly *listens as she types* yay i like it alot.. go you! hmm *almost the end of the song* heheh its awesome yay... aightie well i am frolicking away.. *frolicks* Byee

Easily one of the best ones I have heard you do so far..
nice keyboards ;)

and wooooog, i didn't know you like the pumpkins!!

Sure, but only a couple of songs....

Well, Today is the only one I can play

oooh is that THE lauren?!?


You did just dis me there.. not intentionally i would think.. and no i am not THE lauren.. i am a random Lauren.. kay well ttyl...
~I'm Out~

Random Laurens are acceptable

Re: yeaa...

good then :)

OMG, you're, like, not as hot as you think you are.

really, though. you look diseased. but strut around thinking you're sexy, because it, like, provides us with entertainment! LOL!

*stabs your ego and runs away laughing*

Hey, look, I have significant evidence from random fourteen year olds online to suggest that not only am I hot, but I am also hott and hawt. Are you trying to tell me that they're all wrong or something? When was the last time you knew a fourteen year old to be misguided, eh?

P.S., if you don't like what you've already seen, oh boy you should see how my hair looks now. You would cry. I might laugh.

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