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Bah... Was in Jimbo's room with him and Laura - they were both totally laughing about my hair. I know it looks shite, okay, that's why I've not stuck my ugly mug on the webcam in days. I just haven't had the time to do anything about it yet, but I will - it needs to go back to blonde, and fast. The bastards :o)

So anyhow, today... let's see... Went to the beach with Jimbo, because he needs somebody to accompany him when he goes girl spotting. Plus, I'm useful - he tries to attract girls by playing Frisbee, and he needs somebody with two attributes - somebody who can play Frisbee, and somebody less good at it than him. It's a thin line, let me tell you ;o) Anyhow, so yeah, we're there on the beach, practicing our side-arms (throwing the frisbee forehand rather than the traditional backhand) and hammers (over the head, upside down), and trying to find some hot girls for Jimbo. There were a few, but they failed to gravitate towards him.

Anyhow, after some near misses where I narrowly saved members of the public from Jimbo's lethal throws, he eventually pushed me too far, and threw one too high for even me to catch while jumping (and normally I can jump pretty high in Frisbee), and into the sea it goes. So off with the shoes, off with the socks, roll up the pants, and into the water he runs. A wave breaks, his pants get soaked, he retrieves his frisbee, we go home. All the way back, he looked like his bladder control was worse than my frisbee control - it was an amusing payback for the mocking I was to receive.

Then I went off for a meeting with the dean of Mathematics, about my essay. Interesting talk, worked through a lot of points, and he said that it was a good essay, that he'd given it a high mark, and that he'd written a glowing report about it. Not bad for a weekend's work really :o)

Anyhow, off again to do "other things"... :o)

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I'm very jealous.
I want to go to the beach, but it's an hour it's raining and 63 degrees here. :P
AND I am homesick for Virginia and have no way to get up there for spring break.
::wrinkles nose:: I guess I'll just resign to catching up on Philosopy readings.
Could I possible complain some more? Must be the weather.

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