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This monologue brought to you in association with....
So anyways, I'm walking along, minding my own business, listening to my music, and suddenly this chick is like walking up to me and is all so, you wanna do some market research, and I'm like fuck you I don't wanna do market research for you and your corporate slimeball employers and she's like got a gun so I'm going yeah, I dig market research, so she's aksing all these questions and I'm like not knowing what the fuck she's on about so I pretend like I'm somebody else, and she quits with it, and then she's like so, you know, I do medical research too, like, sign up, and I'm thinking hey, free money, so I gives her my details and she's all like right, I'll call you, see what we can do to cure you, and I'm like lady, there ain't nothing wrong with me, and she's just laughing, so I walk off and then I'm thinking fuck no do I want to do medical research, it's not worth getting fourty bucks to let them prod me, and pump me full of crack and shit and doing all these experiments on me like on the X-Files, so I'm thinking I just won't answer when she tries to call, and then I'll be like all cheating the system, and I'll laugh an evil laugh and go on with being, you know, me.

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Don't even mention the name Josh Freese to me man, the guy's a fuckin' asshole....

you are just so0o nice to people hun

I try my best

is it possible that she was just trying to make it easier to stalk you?

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